Hello and welcome to another monthly favourite post, it's crazy to think how quickly this year is passing us by, in a few weeks my baby girl will be off to nursery which feels like a bittersweet moment for us. I am more than sure she will be fine, but I just will miss her terribly, after all it will be like missing a limb. But anyway back to the favourite post! I have been trying quite a few new products this month and I can't wait to share them with you all, so here goes...

Pure Potions Hair Shampoo & Conditioner* | £18

FINALLY! A hair care range that is free from harsh detergents, polluting, additives, synthetic preservatives and potentially irritating chemicals. I have always struggled with my oily roots and dry ends I could even go on to say straw like ends that break so easily. I have tried no end of products to try and nourish my dry ends but these can leave my roots looking very greasy, so greasy that it doesn't always even look as if I wash my hair. It is rather frustrating, as my hair only lasts a day and I am having to wash it every other day, everyone knows that regular washing can create more problems rather that combating them. So when an opportunity to try a new hair care range that is 100% natural that promises to purify roots and hydrate my hair, naturally. I could hardly say no! 

Lemongrass & Verbena Exquisite Candle, Candles Just For You* | £39.95

I was kindly sent this beautiful candle this month. Bright citrus notes with with verbena. Blended with notes of melon, rose and jasmine. Fresh vibrant and uplifting. There's nothing I enjoy more is waiting until the little lady goes to bed and relaxing with a nice bubble bath and candles and so it seem as if receiving this candle was telling me that I needed to some time out to rest and recuperate. Looking after a three year old is hard work some days. As soon as I opened the box to the scented candle I could instantly smell the lemongrass, it was so refreshing as I was running a bath I could definitely notice the scent in the bathroom, however this got stronger as I lit the candle. 

Webster Pages Personal Planner Kit, Platinum Rose* | (£44.99).

Sorry, but I can't help it! I have had my gorgeous planner since the start of the year, but it's beautiful and I want to share it as my monthly favourites. This year I wanted to up my blogging game and to actually organise my posts for this month. I'm in love with this beautiful Platinum Rose planner and I was super lucky that I actually won this is a competition, I never win anything. Aside from how beautiful this planner is, there is so much you can do with it. I do like Webster Pages for planners because they can cater for all tastes and needs. Some months you might want to dress up your pages and other months not so much. However I am currently on the browse for some new inserts, but I am really struggling, so if you know anyone who can make me some, then please send them my way.

My Name Tags* | £11.95

These are by far one of the most popular brands for school labels, they come highly recommended with their custom labels where you can choose from Iron on, or stickers. With these custom labels you children will be able to get involved with the many designs that you are able to create There are also some different ranges that you can choose from; Hello Kitty, Mr Men & Little Miss, or even Battersea Cats & Dogs. The choice is endless.The iron on labels attach very easily to clothing. I have used these on all her clothing items and even her coat, hat and gloves. The stickers that I was kindly sent through are very good and we will be using these for her lunchbox, backpack and any Tupperware I may use.


Blog Props, Pretty Little Things Trinket Dish * £6.50

Ok, so this one is a strange one to place in the monthly favourites post because I have been buying quite a few blog props this month. So there are too many to include to be specific, so I have just added in one of my favourites. I have been really focusing on my blog photography and so far I seem to be pulling it off as I have had nothing my great and positive comments on my Instagram feed.