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PETIT-FERNAND :: Personalised Labels for Back To School

It’s absolute madness to me that this month I will become a real life 'school run mum'. My beautiful baby girl, sorry, little girl is starting nursery and it's taking me some time to get use to, if I ever really will. How can it be that she's already going to nursery! Just before the summer started I received her welcome pack and I cried, yes seriously. If I am honest I would happily keep her at home, but I know that it's time for her to spread her little social butterfly wings and head off to nursery. We are familiar with the nursery as I would collect my niece after school and would always speak to the key workers at the nursery, I was so happy when she got confirmation of her placement, it was a bittersweet moment. Even though I will cry as I watch her go into that classroom, but I am more than confident that she will love nursery. I know I will feel as if I have lost a limb, she's practically been my shadow for the past three years. But I can't sit here feeling sorry for myself it's time to get prepared for school.

Last month my husband and I set out early on a Sunday morning to do the school uniform shop. Wow! It was stressful but we managed to pretty much nail the school shop apart from the shoes. I have been told that you need a whole day or so to prepare for that one. But while I was taking some lovely photos for Instagram, I realised that I forgot one very important essential whilst doing the school shop. THE LABELS! They are a pretty must have when little ones start school and so when somebody recommended Petit-Fernand to me, I had to do some research. What a find! Petit-Fernand are company from France who specialise in creating unique personalised labels for EVERYTHING you could imagine from clothing, books, bags and even shoes! I was kindly offered to try out some of their labels and chose one of the school value packs for nursery, this pack included everything we would need for little lady starting nursery and included: 

For clothes:

- 20 stick-on labels 
- 30 iron-on labels (1 line of text) 
- 10 iron-on labels (2 lines)

For objects:

- 30 item stickers (1 line) 
- 20 item stickers (2 lines) 

- and 10 shoe labels

My labels arrived through the post within days and I couldn't wait to open the envelope to see our creativity in label form. I honestly could believe how quickly ordering, dispatching and delivery was. The delivery is free and they are shipped world wide. When I open the envelope I was surprised that my labels arrived in a lovely little booklet, with no loose sheets so you are able to keep them neat and tidy for another time. Each type of label was clearly marked inside the booklet with a set of clear instructions on how to use them. All labels are washing machine and tumble dryer resistant and stick onto garments withing 12 seconds or so. It really didn't take any time at all. Saves me slaving hours over a needle and thread sewing them on, my poor mum had to do this for three children. With the nursery pack you can get over 120 different labels that vary in sizes and from stickers and iron ons for £28 - great value if you consider how quickly you'll label your child's uniform and belongings. 

School supplies and notebook multi pack

This summer Petit-Fernand introduced a new multi pack to their personalised labels that are available, the school supplies and notebook range. With this new addition you can get 10 stick-on items labels that can be personalised individually which will be perfect for naming different school subjects', notebooks or folders. Both my daughter and I had a lot of fun choosing the different characters, colours and the font with these labels, as you can see we love princesses, unicorns and cute animals. 

The school supplies and notebook multi pack can be used to personalise exercise books according to the subjects, whether it's English, Maths, Science or Drama. These labels can be applied on all smooth-surfaced school supplies, such as notebooks, pens, pencils, pencil-cases and so on. The quality of these labels is very high as the adhesive used is strong and as we used some of the labels on some of her books and pencil case, there's no way that she will be able to pull them off easy. I guess for only £3 for 10 individually personalised labels, you can't really complain! We had so much fun creating them together and you are able to choose whatever character you wish and alter the colours and texts to your liking. However if your design, colour or text is deemed unsuitable, you will notice a small change in your character and their appearance.

So if you have forgot to get those label before school starts, then look no further than Petit-Fernand you definitely won't be disappointed!

6 comments on "PETIT-FERNAND :: Personalised Labels for Back To School"
  1. These look fab! Love how you can get different colours!

  2. Aww how exciting! My little girl is back to preschool this year, but I'm glad I don't have to do the uniform buying yet. These labels look fantastic though x

  3. Those labels look great, we're currently using the stamp-type ones but am tempted by these.
    Hope your daughter enjoys her starting at school x

  4. I haven't labelled anything yet! PANIC! I am completely unprepared for school starting this week :(

  5. These are lovely . I've totally forgotten to order labels! Looks like it's a sharpie job this term ! Kira

  6. I prefer My Nametags. They have lasted for two school years now on my Jacks uniform.


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