Hello and welcome to our monthly round-up for June. What a month June has been. Or as it soon became known as 'my birthday month' as I am pretty sure you know by now that my little lady turned three years old at the end of the month. This month has been pretty much getting ourselves and our home all prepared for her Princess Birthday BBQ. So let's see what we got up to this month...
I think it's safe to say that this part of the round up will be focused on my little girl turning three. Wow, that feel so strange! Using the world little girl instead of 'my baby', I have been told by said 'little girl' that she is not longer a baby and 'Amelia Rose is a big girl'. It's so crazy how time is flying by, but as each day passes as I see her develop into such an amazing little girl, so does my love for her. So much so, I have been getting soppy in this letter to my 'baby' on her third birthday. As I mentioned we have been busy preparing ourselves with the her impending princess birthday BBQ, which was supposed to be a small gathering, but 24 people kindly turned up to our home. It was a little cramped but we all enjoyed lots of food, lots of drink and oodles of fun. Even though I was quite tired after that BBQ I can't wait to do it again. You can read more about her birthday celebrations here, but it was just the best princess birthday BBQ. On the Sunday, her actual birthday it was time to spend some time with Nanny and Grandad Bez, Auntie Hayley and Uncle Fiskey with a day at the beach. Our daughter absolutely loves a day at the beach so as you can imagine we enjoyed lots of walks along the promenade, winning toys on the 2p machines followed by a cup of tea and an ice cream. Perfect birthday weekend.

This month also saw Father's Day and we got fantastic opportunity to visit the Sealife Centre in Great Yarmouth. It's the perfect day out for all the family. First, we went to the Sealife Centre where our daughter fell in love with the penguins, held a star fish and went completely bonkers over seeing Nemo and Dory! But for us, the perfect end to the day was when our daughter turned around to thank us for bringing her here, because she was having the best day. It was a very heart melting moment. My husband thoroughly enjoyed his weekend which ended with a trip to Walcott to visit my husband's parent's caravan with chips along the sea front. Another perfect ending to a perfect weekend.

For me, the best part on work front this month was being a blogger of the day over on Mumsnet. I was so proud of that blog post and it's still a popular one. It was quite the achievement and my stats went through the roof that day, and if I am honest my stats have been increasing steadily. Please feel free to ready my Mumsnet worthy post, here. In other work news, it's been crazy. I have been bashing out lots of posts, 25 this month!!! Woo Hoo! I am actually so proud of all the posts I have managed to get scheduled in for the month, I feel so organised. But I have had some wonderful opportunities with my little ole blog. An opportunity to work with NUU Addition, Snuggle Sac, Pairfum, Skin Yoga and even make our own fairy garden. Just to name a few. I do love when I get so busy as it keeps me super motivated.
Seeing as we are finally in the summer months, it's time for some change. As you know my daughter turned three and I cannot believe that in those three years she seems to have accumulated more belongings than both my husband and I, and so it makes complete sense to upgrade the size of her bedroom. But as she goes into the bigger bedroom it does mean that the smaller room will be vacant, no we are not having a man cave, we are have decided to create a home office, which is an exciting project. However our big summer project is to try and create the perfect space for my daughter and her many belongings that I am sure that family and friends will add to when she her birthday comes along. I have always dreamed of a soft and pretty scheme for her bedroom and so I have been putting together some mood boards to give me some inspiration to set my husband to task.
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I love this segment of the monthly roundup is another way to discover some great posts and other bloggers. So don't forget to have a look at these posts and share them. Sharing is caring and all that! I'm sure that it will be appreciated. So what have you been up to this month?
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  1. Wow what a super-exciting month for all of you! It sounds like you've all had some special times for different reasons. I noticed you've been really busy with your blog too - well done you!