Hello and welcome to our June favourites for this month. What a month! Or for us, it was known as 'my birthday month' because if you didn't know my little lady turned three years old. So as you can imagine it was a crazy month as we had to prepare for our little girls Princess Birthday BBQ, which was supposed to be a small gathering. But more on that later. So as you know I like to share a few products that I have been loving this month with you all so let's get started.
Tangle Angel Professional Detangling Brush* | £11.95/Precious Pink

The Tangle Angel and its innovative design make it easier to manage knotty hair keeping it silky smooth and easy to style. This detangling brush from Tangle Angel has quickly replaced my Tangle Teezer as it actually has a handle! My hair is really thick and long which means it tangles very easily. Suitable for all hair types, this is not only a detangling brush but it can also be used as a blow drying brush because its bristles are heat resistant. It comes in five different colours; pink, blue, pearl, silver and black and is possibly the cutest brush design you've ever seen.

Bella Mamma 'A Mother of a Toddler Tee'* | £19.00

There were too many designs to choose from in the end I decided to go for 'Mother of a Toddler - Embracing the chaos and loving it', in white. It was a no brainer, this one really made me smile. How quirky is this slogan tee? I could choose from White, Red Wine, or Athletic Grey ranging from sizes 8-18. I checked over the sizing and the Bella Mamma Tee Mill recommends that you choose a tee in your size, if you're in between measurement then opt for the larger size. But to be honest, I don't think there was any need for that recommendation, as my tee fitted perfectly. I am not just saying this, I wanted a tee that wouldn't be tight fitted to try and hide the ole mum tum and this Bella Mamma one was perfect.

Skin Yoga Coffee Body Scrub* | £21.43

Over the last few years there's been a lot of hype about coffee scrub and to be honest I was a little dubious, but I did a little research and I found that there are so many benefits to using a coffee scrub regularly. This coffee scrub is amazing. Amazing for the body, amazing for the mind and even more amazing on the nose. With its ingredients list of Ground Coffee Beans, Pure Coconut Oil and Pure Sesame Oil this coffee scrub will tackle acne, cellulite, stretch marks, scarring and psoriasis. And oh no it doesn’t stop there either! With naturally pressed oils; Coconut and Seasame, tightening and moisturising your skin will get an overall mini makeover in the comfort of your own shower

Anyone with a toddler knows how important is it to be able to keep tabs on them when out and about. But my daughter, like many other toddlers, she doesn't like reins. That was until we came across this Flower backpack and Reins set from Kiddies Kingdom. It's been a bit of a revelation, if I am honest. She loves to wear her cute flower back pack and will even put in her favourite toys to go on an imaginary adventure in the house. I think what makes this even better is that because it's a backpack she hasn't really been bothered by the reins that are attached to the back pack. My daughter just feels proud of herself that she can carry her own drink and snacks. She does think she's going to school, but at least I have a few more months before that happens.

As a tea lover this would be a great gift to receive. Each are packaged individually in a paper envelope. Handmade & designed specifically with quotes for a special teacher. These are the perfect gift for the end of term. The designs include cute, witty and encouraging quotes to brighten up a special teachers day! The teas are sourced from well known British tea companies and the set includes a selection of flavours:  English Breakfast, Earl Grey, Darjeeling, Camomile, Rooibos, Indian Spice Chai, Mint (spearmint), Jasmine Green Tea and Honeybush.
 Do you have a favourite?