Guess who's back....

Have you missed me?
I have missed you. It feels so long ago that I have been able to sit down at my laptop, with a cup of tea to write and it feels fantastic!
How are you all? It's Christmas next month and I am wayyy to excited. Not that excited to get the Christmas tree up though, anyone else noticed that lots of people are doing this really early this year. Come on people it's only November...but I guess if it makes them happy! Fill your boots.
Anyway back to why I am here...
So, I guess you're wondering why I have been neglecting you all! Well I have been a one poorly mummy and if I am honest it's been absolute hell. I guess it started a few months ago where I would literally have zero energy to do anything and I would always want to nap. My lovely daughter would always be there ready to share her blanket and give me cuddles though, so it wasn't too bad.
We had a little break away with my mum and I tried hard to focus on that but even then the fatigue persisted but I began to get pains in my abdomen which were hard to deal with some days. I managed to make it through our little break with lots of painkillers but I knew I needed to see a doctor. But if I'm honest he was a bit pants! I told him my symptoms and he took my blood pressure which was high because I hate doctors and the cheeky sod told me that I needed to 'run'! Oh great, thanks for helping me by telling me I'm fat and that I need to run! A big thumbs up for you! NOT.  As you can imagine I wasn't too happy leaving that appointment!
Over the next week or so I was back and forth to the doctors. I think I had been to the doctors more in that week than I had ever done in my entire life, that's how much I love doctors. But it seemed to be one thing after another though during these weeks - I had swollen glands, sore throat, water infections, back pain, abdomen pain and in the end the triage team prescribed me antibiotics.
These didn't really help and I was sent for blood tests, which came back with a high liver function. This news really upset me because they couldn't really explain as to why my results returned with that in my blood stream. Then my symptoms got worse. I actually choked on my tablets and found it extremely painful to swallow water and I went back to the doctors. I managed to see the triage team, who almost immediately knew that I had severe tonsillitis - I had two huge golf balls in the back of my mouth and an IV would be the quickest way to help me. But during this appointment I had an ECG which showed an irregular heartbeat due to the infection but the hospital wouldn't accept me on the ward until the irregular heartbeat was assessed. I was told to come back in TWO days!!!
That night I couldn't handle anymore pain and my husband rushed me to hospital. I was put on an IV straight away and we were told that we were lucky that we came in when we did. The ENT specialist said that I had glandular fever, I was severely dehydrated and I had kissing tonsillitis which could have blocked my airways if I had waited the two days.

You could say that I have had an eventful couple of weeks. Glandular fever is a bitch. After my stint in hospital and about 18 IVs I was told that my symptoms could be with me for some time and it had caused some abnormalities in my liver function. I would have to go home and rest completely and no alcohol for six months to give my liver time to hopefully get back to normal - oh no its Christmas next month!!! But a small price to pay now that I am feeling more like myself!
I just wanted to share my story with you all and let you know that now I am feeling more like myself you can expect to see lots of blog posts over the coming weeks.


  1. You poor thing. I had no idea that's how poorly you'd been! Doctors are amazing people, but sometimes you just know when something is really not right! Thank goodness you went into hospital when you did. Hope you make a speedy recovery now. x

  2. That sounds terrible. I can't believe your doctors weren't more concerned and/or helpful when the symptoms first appeared. Glad you are feeling better now! #bestandworst