Explore The Adventure: Fawkes in the Walks

There is nothing better than getting yourself prepared for the colder, darker evenings than wrapping yourself up and attending a pretty firework display. It's also nice to know that Christmas is not too far away too. Ever since I could remember I have loved Bonfire Night. My family would always put on some amazing party to celebrate Guy Fawkes and of course my Nan who shared her birthday with the celebration. However, today hosting Bonfire parties are not always so easy and can be expensive and so many choose to go to safe, professional display. Something that we did this year. We attended an event in Norfolk called Fawkes in The Walks a free firework display. This is not the first time that we have attended but each year the display gets better and better I do think that this year was by far one of the best. 

Another great thing about this display is that we are practically withing walking distance, and so we involved the whole family and made the walk into town. It did take us all about half an hour to walk into town with small children and push chairs, but it was so much fun. We arrived about 7pm and the display wasn't due to start at 8pm so we had plenty of time to find a good spot. 

I must admit, both my husband and I were a little apprehensive about taking the little lady, because we just didn't know how she would react, but thankfully she absolutely loved it. Little lady loved to point out at the different colours and all the 'bangs'.