Amelia's Two Year Update

After the little lady's birthday celebrations we can finally manage to catch a breath and get back to some sort of normality. So I thought now would be the perfect time to share Amelia's 2 year update with you all. I loved to write monthly updates for Amelia but I stopped when she was 17 months old, which I really regret because she changes so much from month to month. But she still has a few to look back on and I will try and do 6 monthly updates of her progress from hear on out.

Even though you are now two years old I want to tell you that you will always be my baby and this will never change. But you have changed - you have so much hair, you have become very tall and you continue to learn so many new skills. You love to make friends and you always get excited for playdates - you are definitely my little social butterfly. You have the most adorable personality and sometimes an even bigger attitude but most of all you make me smile everyday. I am just so proud to be able to call myself your mama because you truly are the best daughter anyone could ask for...


You weigh 24 lbs and you are measuring just over 33 inches. I cannot actually believe how tall you have grown over these past few weeks you are half the length of me and you can even reach the doors handles. I really wish you never discovered door handles and keys because whenever you have the chance to use keys and open and close doors you will. Hooorayyyy... you are finally fitting into some 18-24 month clothing but still most of your wardrobe is 12-18 months. Your feet are measuring between a 4 and a 5. You are also in size 5+ nappies and we are debating whether we should go up a size and use pulls up for a potty training but we are unsure whether pull ups would confuse you. 


You're on and off your food again. Some days you will eat loads and some days you don't want to eat anything. I have been really struggling to get you to try and eat your evening meal, even if I cook your favourite pasta you sometimes still refuse. You love corn on the cob, homemade fish fingers and pears and we have discovered that you love jelly, I think that this is down to Nanny Plum from Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom though. 


You have definitely developed a sense of humour and you will get when something is funny, laughing at the appropriate moment. You have become even more independent and you hate when I tell you no, this normally results in you running towards the sofa to have a dramatic fit! It makes me laugh every time. You are my social butterfly. Whenever we go into shops you will always say 'hi', 'bye' 'soon' to cashiers, it is so adorable. Whenever we go to Tiny Tots you look like you are having so much fun and have made lots of new friends. One of the class leaders thought that you were such an intelligent little girl and especially for a two year old - that was a proud Mama moment and I was smiling like a Cheshire cat all the way home. 

The frown...for some unknown reason you have started to frown like your daddy when you don't like something or when an episode of Bing Bunny finishes. It is quite amusing when you do because it just looks so strange on you as you are always smiling.

George...You have an imaginary friend. I first heard about George during a 4am wake up call when I could hear you chatting away to George and asking if he was okay. George has been getting you into lots of trouble because he is the one that trumps, he is the one that pinches fruit out of the fruit bowl and George is the one that throws your knife and fork on the floor. Naughty George. 


It seems that every other month your sleep patterns break. You don't always go for an afternoon nap it is normally an every other day occurrence and you have been waking during the night. Most days your bedtime routine works like a charm and you will go to sleep okay, but regardless of your bedtime you have been regularly wide awake a 4am chatting away to George!


You love to dance. Whenever your favourite programmes opening credits come on you dance straight away. I cannot help but giggle when you dance because you turn your head and your eyes go straight to the left, its like you are waiting for yourself to get around. I don't think I can explain it really, but its so funny. I am hoping we can do some baby ballet classes now that you are two, so watch this space. 

You are obsessed with "Old Macdonald Had a Farm" and you will tell me what animal noise to make. To be honest I feel sorry for poor Old Macdonald because he has a wide range of animals on his farm from fish, bees, pigs to monkeys, crocodiles and even dinosaurs! Poor Old Macdonald has his work cut out for him! 

Your dislikes are baked beans, meat and hummus. You hate the word no and whenever I asked you to change your bum - you will run and hide from me. This is a bit obvious but you hate when we put your in your corner for a time out, to be honest its very rare we have to give you a time out but when we do you hate it. 


I counted your teeth today you have eight! Some are being stubborn little buggers waiting for them to come through - you have been having a few bad nights but nothing to be too concerned about, they will come through when the are ready. Potty are doing so well and I am so proud of you. I do think that you are beginning to understand what you have to do - its definitely not because of the chocolate buttons. But this is still a working progress and I am sure we will get there soon. 

Chatterbox...You can say so many words now it really is too many to count. We have got quite a few flashcards and they have been brilliant in developing your word count and you can even say Mimi Rose. But with all those new words you can sometimes mispronounce words...especially clock!!!! You are talking in full sentences and you have beautiful manners with please, thank you and sorry right on cue. You know so many colours and you spot them around you, all the colours of the rainbow. I love to hear you say orange its the cutest!


  1. What a beautiful little girl! And so much achieved over the last two years. Good luck with the feeding at night. It looks like you're doing a fab job! #KCACOLS

  2. Aw, such a lovely update! The imaginary friend sounds so cute! x #KCACOLS

  3. Aww such a good update. I stopped doing them for Clem a few months back and I feel kinda sad about that too. She will be 2 next month and so much of this is the same for her.x #dreamteam

  4. What a lovely update she sounds like quite the character. I bet she will love reading this when she is older #kcacols