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WICKED WEDNESDAY | #5 Well this cannot be right?

This week is flying by and its time for another Wicked Wednesday. I need to begin this post by saying that my husband is a great father, actually he is amazeballs. Little lady adores her Daddy so much but there is one thing that crazes me - She is a well behaved toddler most of the time and she will go about her day in a sort of calm manner as long as Peppa Pig is within reach! However as soon as her Daddy walks in from work my child goes absolutely bonkers. Is this just my child?

6 comments on "WICKED WEDNESDAY | #5 Well this cannot be right?"
  1. daddy home in child is omg lets go crazy and act like we haven't seen him in forever!

    my boys go crazy once Jon comes back home, actually no the boys are just 100% crazy all of the time lol


  2. I love that!! My girls are always so excited when daddy arrives home!! They get all mad too!! I find it actually incredibly cute!! Lovely photo!! :-) x

  3. No it's not just your child....My girls are exactly the same. hahaha

  4. NOPE! This is literally all children. Happens all the ruddy time!! Thanks so much for making me smile and joining in with Wicked Wednesdays. Have a great bank holiday and see you next week! x

  5. Haha so cute! x #wickedwednesdays

  6. Pretty much like this all the time lol Sorry for the late #wickedwednesday


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