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Explore The Adventure: Ash End Children's Farm

A couple of weeks we were visiting family in Rugby and we decided we all wanted to do something a little special. And so we decided to take a trip to Ash End Children's Farm. It was quite the adventure. We went on an egg hunt, fed a lamb,  had a ride on a tractor or jumped on an inflatable pillow, all in one place! My favourite part of the day was the inflatable pillow, as you could imagine. 

Each entrance ticket entitled each child to visit the farm and their talks, take an egg home, ride a tractor, and they could even sit on a pony! The entrance fee also included a bucket of feed for the sheep and goat, however we lots of feed in the rabbit enclosure, because some little lady wanted to make the Bing Bunny happy!. 

At reception, we were told about all the actitivities that we cooudl do through the day, there were so many of them. It was hard to choose. We had our work cut out! But before we could figure out which way to head first, a certain lady decided to run off and feed some ducks. Next it was lambs, I couldn't wait to see them. My word they were so adorable, but as soon as some of the sheep made loud noises my daughter ran away to hide behind a bale of hay, making us all giggle. 

After the sheep, she wasn't really up to seeing the animals and pretty much cried at every enclosure, so we stopped for some lunch. There was a small café where you can buy hot and cold food, there was also a few picnic tables which would of been great if we thought about a packed lunch.  We choose a couple of different sandwiches to share and all chose to have a hot drink, as it started to get a little cold. Onto the next adventure.

After lunch, it was like we had a completely different child and she started to enjoy seeing the animals. Little lady got very excited when we came to the pig enclosure, but it was rather pongy I have to say. But that went straight out of the window when we came across some very adorable piglets!

After the pig we then came the to bunny enclosure. And this where we lost our bucket of feed and a bread sticks over the enclosure, clearly little lady thought that they need extra food. We were then lucky enough for actually see some of the rabbit up close as they made their way around the children. Our daughter has never actually seen a rabbit up this close, so this was an experience for her. She was very patient and gentle with them. 

Now it was time for the egg hunt. But before we did, we went to a hosted talk about eggs, chicks and chickens. As I sat there with the pram taking photos Daddy and Little Lady sat together so they could touch some of the chicks, can you tell she got very excited! After the talk we then walked through to see some chick in their incubators, and as we walked through the enclosure the older the chicks were. We then got to pick an egg to take home.

It was time for a very bumpy ride on the tractor for everyone. I wasn't looking forward to this one as you can imagine, even Nanny and Grandad were trying to get out of going on the tractor with a little guilt trip from the grandchildren. Finally after one bumpy ride, seeing scarecrows and pigs we made our way back to the Big Play Barn. However on the way, a certain little miss followed all the lambs. It was their feeding time and she got to feed them a bottle and have a cuddle. 

Before heading off home we did go to the Big Play Barn but I didn't take any photos because my husband and I were having too much fun on the inflatable pillow. Even though there was an age restriction up to eleven years old we still had a go, that was until Grandad came on to out bounced everyone before staff came over to us, to tell us all off. Whoops! So if you're looking for a day out with the family and you are in Warwickshire then make sure you visit Ash End Farm, you won't be disappointed! 
9 comments on "Explore The Adventure: Ash End Children's Farm"
  1. When I read a post like this I wonder if we should open our farm for day visits too. I love how interactive this looks and who can resist bottle feeding lambs we have two at Coombe Mill on three bottles a day it is never a chore. Looks like you had a wonderful visit #KCACOLS

    1. Oh I definately would think about it, there is just something we love about farms. We really did have so much fun, thank you for your comments and for stopping by! 😘

  2. Haha, the dreaded 'hangry' child. Lovely photo's :) #KCACOLS

    1. We can all get hangry. Haha. Thank you for your comments!!!

  3. Looks like you had a great time!love the piccy of the piglets! xx

    1. Aw thank you. Even though the pigs were pongy we enjoyed our visit!

  4. Sounds brilliant. Love your photos. Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky xx


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