It's All About The Brows

There is no doubt about it brows are having a serious moment right now and those days of thin, over plucked, arched eyebrows are long gone and big bold brows are in. Unfortunately some of us are not born with big bold brows. Only a few lucky people are blessed with perfect brows and for the rest of us it is a constant battle and the products we use can be a game changer in achieving perfection. When I say I wasn't blessed in the brow department, I am seriously not joking. They are bushy, they are wild and they even have bald patches - they are two completely different shapes (Yes, I know brows are supposed to be like sisters rather than twins). Mine don't even look like they are related, the hairs are all over the place and even when I have tweezed them they still look CRAZY!

So yes, I am not blessed in the brow department but it doesn't mean I can't fake it! ;)

Many brands want to get on this 'big brows are in' train and now there seems to be so many different ways to do eyebrows and lots of products available. From spoolies, gels, highlighting the brow, all-in-one pallets, anything that is going to put you in the running for those perfect brows. But the most important thing to remember with brows is that they need regular taming. You could do this yourself at home or book an appointment to see a professional. There are professionals that specialise in HD brows, something that I would love to do but never seem to get around to organising. I have tried so many brow products and I was quite surprised when I realised I had a lot in my collection. I thought that it would be a good idea to have an all in one post about the products I use and hopefully help you find the perfect combination.

1. BROW PENCILS: This is one of the most basic ways to fill in your brows. Most have probably experimenting with filling in those unruly brows and brow pencils can come in a good varied shades and of a waxier consistency. I use this Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil as you able to achieve different effects from a natural to bold brows and has great staying power. The pencil itself is easy to use and is a medium hard pencils so drawing lines to imitate hairs is no problem.

2. BROW POWDERS: This would be my favourite way to create big bold brows. You can easily fill in the sparse gaps and build the colour gradually while still making them appear natural and well groomed. Sometimes if I am in a rush to get ready I will always go for a powder first and I can get great looking brows in just a few strokes. I use L'Oréal Paris Brow Artiste Genius Kit in Medium to Dark. Inside this kit you get a tinted wax, setting powder, a mini pair of tweezers and a double ended brush which comes with a firm angled brush on one end and a spoolies on the other. The kit is so neat and compact and comes with a mirror in the lid so it is perfect to pop into your handbag.

3. BROW PENS/LINERS: These are a great way to distribute pigment colour on your brows using feathery strokes for a natural look. One of the best brow pens on the market is the Soap & Glory Archery in Brownie Points. I love the fact that this has a dual ended application - a tint and a pencil. The tint tip is used to outline my brows creating the initial stencil tip be filled in and the fine tip helps create the look of eyebrow hairs really easily. The pencil end has a waxy formula and you are able to build up the product allowing you control which part of your eyebrow you want to be darker or lighter.

4. HIGHLIGHTING THE BROW: For your eyebrows to pop using a white liner, a shadow or a concealer to highlight the top and bottom is essential. The product that I have been using to highlight my brow is Maybelline Instant Anti-Age The Eraser Eye Concealer in Light. Its creamy, blends well, dries relatively fast, great for using to high light the brow and make them pop.

So there you have you have it ladies the secret combination of products I use to get the perfect eyebrows. What products do you use? What is your secret to perfection?


  1. I use a Rimmel London Brow Kit. Has powder one side and wax on the other! It's worked wonders

  2. Brow powders? I seriously need to get with it - I didn't even know such a thing existed!! I have big eyebrows which need a lot of taming - I curse them regularly! #fartglitter

  3. I use Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow to define and fill my brows in and have them threaded regularly. #bestandworst

  4. I get mine threaded once in a blue moon. I have to get a bit stern with the lady to make sure she only cleans up underneath (ONLY UNDERNEATH!) She's desperate to give me a complete reshape but I like natural but neat. I revently discovered brow gel and it's a revelation. I brush the hairs upwards then fill in with powder #bestandworst