NOT EVERYONE LIKES FOOTBALL | Ways to keep yourself occupied through the Euros!

I know that not everyone likes football. So I have compiled a small guide to help you survive the season. It doesn't matter if you're a man, woman or child, be prepared to take a backseat in the relationship for the next few months.

The TV take over has begun.

1. Do not fight the inevitable - It's football. You'll have to try and go with it. If they want to cheer their team on or cry because their team lost - let them. Trying to sabotage will not help so hiding the remote is a big no no.

2. Its all about you - With the season underway this means lots of YOU time. So while they are glued to the TV screen you do something for you! If you want to catch up with chores or laundry, then fill your boots. But reading, going to the gym, getting your hair cut or retail shopping works so much better.

3. Netflix? It's a great time to catch up on all those shows you have missed and without all those annoying questions about a plot that's 5 series in. (That to be honest they really don't care about anyway)

4. You could take up a hobby - Learn new recipes, put up those new curtains you have been meaning to or start those home improvements. Let's face it you will be getting no joy out of your partners for the next few weeks.

5. Visit family or friends - go see that Aunt you have been meaning to for months or make that play date you keep cancelling you know the kind of playdate where you have more fun that the children.

6. Pamper yourself - The football takeover is the perfect time to catch up on pampering yourself. Wax and tweeze to your hearts content. Two eyebrows are always better than one. Go for a facial or book that long awaited hair appointment.

7. Finally, after all the ME time - if you can't beat them, join them. But whatever you do just don't ask about the offside rule.