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Hello everyone,
Even though Amelia's first birthday was last month, I still would like to share her birthday weekend that was full of celebrations. 

For Amelia's birthday weekend we had so much planned for her. Her birthday was on the Thursday so we decided to take her to Hunstanton and take her swimming in the leisure centre - there was nobody in the pool so we practically had it to ourselves. We had lots of fun pretending to be worms chasing each other until I decided to scrap my knee. After fun in the pool we enjoyed a lovely walk along the promenade, ate lots ice-cream and doughnuts, it was a perfect day.
The next day lots of family were coming down to visit the birthday girl and we decided that we would take a trip to the zoo, that was a great idea for all the family to enjoy - we all had a fantastic time. I think the highlight of the day had to be when we saw a bird show and my husband a grown man was scared of the flapping birds...I couldn't help but giggle at him.
A quick bit to eat for everyone then we went on to seethe giraffe enclosure, these are such magnificent creatures and we saw a baby giraffe. It was quite funny when Amelia called one of them Jake - they are far from a sausage dog.

It was such a tiring day for everyone though but my little lady managed to give me a smile at bath time.

Before I go I would love to say how amazing was Amelia's birthday cake. A Waybuloos number one - her favourite programme.
It tasted amazing. 
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