10 Tips For Designing Your New Office

Almost everyone needs to work from an office. Most people will have to go to an office building for this, while others are lucky enough to have a home office. At some point, you could get to the point where you can design an office for your company.

Whether that’s because you’re creating a home office or are in charge of business operations, it can still seem complicated. Thankfully, designing your new office shouldn’t take too much time or effort.

Instead, it could be much easier than you’d think. All you’ll need to focus on are:

  • Productivity
  • Comfort
  • Layout
  • Accessibility

You’ll likely already know this, but you could still be a little confused about the process. By using a few tips when you’re designing your new office, you shouldn’t have much of a problem getting it all done.

You’ll even make sure it’s a comfortable place to work, and you shouldn’t have to worry about getting things done. Ten of these tips could help more than you’d think.

Designing Your New Office: 10 Top Tips

1. Have Enough Space

You’ll need to make sure you have enough space in a potential office before you decide to take it. This is one of the more important factors to consider, and you’ll have to think about it from the start. Take the time to make sure you have enough space for your current operations so everyone can work comfortably.

At the same time, you might want to have a little extra space on-hand if you’re a growing company. You wouldn’t want to be in a position where you have to look for a new office relatively soon. You’ll need to balance this with cost, however. Go with what’s most comfortable for you and your business.

2. Pick The Right Location

One of the first decisions you’ll have to make about your office relates to its location. You’ll have to make sure this is somewhere easy to commute to. While this isn’t an issue for a home office, it can be a problem for more traditional offices. You don’t need to just worry about your commute with this, though.

You’ll also need to consider how easy it is for your employees to get there, too. Then there are your clients, suppliers, and other third-parties. Make sure your office is located somewhere they can easily get to. It’ll be a lot easier to run your company and actually do business once you’ve put some effort into this.

3. Try Ergonomic Seats

Seats are an obvious essential when you’re designing your new office. Your employees will need to sit down while they’re working, after all. You could be tempted to go for relatively cheap options for this so you can cut down on costs. That could be far from the best option to take, however.

These options can often be uncomfortable and difficult to use, especially for hours at a time. You’re better off going for ergonomic options. You and your employees will be more comfortable, and nobody should develop any aches and pains because of them. While this will be a noticeable investment, it’ll be well worth it.

4. Manage Your Cables

You’ll have countless cables around your office, and these could be a health and safety hazard if they’re not properly dealt with. Take the time to properly manage them and look online for cable management systems that can help you with this. With this, you shouldn’t have to put too much extra time and effort into it.

Once you take care of them, you’ll get rid of the safety risks they can pose. You’ll also make sure your new office doesn’t look too cluttered. While this could take a little while to do, you should only have to get it done once. Pay attention to this at the start, and you shouldn’t have to worry about it in the future.

You and your employees will be sure to appreciate it.

5. Bring In Natural Light

None of your employees will want to work in an office that’s dark and depressing. At the same time, they wouldn’t want it to be overly bright either. Both of these scenarios have more than a few negatives associated with them, so it’s always worth avoiding them as much as you can.

Natural light can be the best thing to go for to avoid these. It’ll have quite a few positives, like making your employees feel more comfortable. All you’ll need for this are a few strategically placed windows, and you’ll be good to go. Add in a few well-placed lights, and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

6. Add Some Nature

Speaking of bringing in natural things like light, it’s always worth bringing in a little more nature. Plants and flowers can add to your office much more than you’d think. It’s always worth adding a few of these around the office, and they’ll have quite a bit of benefits once they’re there.

They improve the air quality and can make employees feel more relaxed while they’re working. Then there’s the fact they add a certain style to a space, giving you another reason to consider having a few of them. You don’t even need to go overboard to see these, and it’ll be more impactful than you’d think.

With how much these can add to an office, there’s no reason not to get some plants.

7. Accessorise & Personalise

When you’re designing the office, it’s natural to think it needs to be a little formal. While you’ll want to keep everything professional, it doesn’t mean you can’t personalise it a bit. It can often be recommended, as it’ll end up making the office space feel more comfortable, and employees will feel happier working there.

You wouldn’t even need to put too much time and effort into this. Instead, it’s just a matter of adding a few bits and pieces around the office to make it feel a little less formal. Even adding some company branding around the office could be more than enough for this. The more effort you put into it, the better.

8. Have A Meeting Place

When you’re designing your new office, it’s easy to overlook a few things. A meeting place is one of the more notable, despite how important it could be. You’ll need somewhere to bring potential clients and other outside parties, after all. Make sure you have somewhere nice and comfortable you can bring them.

While you’ll need to dedicate a bit of space to this, it shouldn’t have to be too large. Make sure it’s big enough to have a few people in it without feeling cramped. At the same time, you can use this for employee meetings and similar events. You’ll have more than a few reasons to have this in place.

9. Have A Floor Plan

You’ll need to have a floor plan for your office, especially if there’ll be a decent number of people working in it. The plan helps people get around the office much more easily, as well as work productively. You’ll need to put a decent amount of time and effort into this so everything can go as smoothly as possible.

Don’t just focus on letting people get around easily, though. Make sure the things employees will need to use, like printers, are relatively close to their desks. The easier they can do their jobs, the better it’ll be. While this could use some tweaking in time, it’ll be more than worth the effort.

10. Get The Right Storage

Storage is one of the more overlooked parts of designing an office. For a home office, that’s especially true. It’s something you’ll need to put a little bit of time and effort into, though. You’ll end up having quite a few things you’ll need to store, after all. Make sure you have somewhere secure for them.

That doesn’t mean you have to go for standard storage units, however. You could get a lot more creative with it, which will make everything much more appealing. Consider the space you have for storage, as well as what kind of style you’d like. You could end up having storage on the wall instead of the floor to save space.

Designing Your New Office: Wrapping Up

Designing your new office should be an exciting time. You should look forward to what it’ll be like once everything is done. As obvious as that is, it can get stressful for more than a few people. You’ll need to get quite a bit done for it, after all.

That doesn’t mean you’ll need to feel overwhelmed. A few tips will be more than enough to help with this, even if you’re putting an office together for a large company.

Alongside helping you get through the process much easier, they’ll let you create an office you can be proud of. You and your employees can work productively and comfortably, so there’s no reason not to put a little time and effort into them.