Bedtime with Dream Beams

Let's meet the adorable Dream Beams, whose lovable personalities will make you smile! They are super squishy, give the best cuddles and all want to find their special forever homes. It is not just their unique character that makes these sweet little creatures stand out, but they also have a secret surprise to reveal.

The world of Dream Beams is full of colour, hope, and happiness. Dream Beams all have their own personalities and unique skills, such as singing, dancing, swimming, and some even have superpowers. All they want to do is be your friend and give you the best bedtime cuddles. However, they've got a secret surprise too? They glow brilliantly in the dark, making them the perfect bedtime buddy.

All the Dream Beams have one important mission when going to their forever homes. To let every Dream Beamer get a good night's sleep and provide emotional support by giving them an opportunity to release stress with the multi-sensory experiences. From cuddling, squeezing and showing their really cool glow in the dark features.

There are 10 adorable Dream Beams characters to discover in this Dreamscovery, and more will be coming along every few months. You can pick yours up from The Entertainer and they are available in 18cm and some characters are available in 30cm: Dana, Basil, Henry and Pablo.

Dream Beams Glow in the Dark

Each Dream Beams have their own glow-in-the-dark feature, it is easy to spot them even in the dark. We were so eager to discover which features of the Dream Beams glowed brightly, so we turned off the lights and headed into under the blankets to find out. As you can see they glowed brightly in the dark. Its worth mentioning that for the glow in the dark features to work, the Dream Beams will need to be exposed to light to activate.

Our Little Dream Beams

We were kindly sent a huge Dream Beams box that was filled with lots of colour and happiness. My daughter couldn't wait to open to see what she would find. After many squeals of excitement, she uncovered three brand new characters that are from the wave 2 dreamscovery.

Basil was the first one my daughter picked out of her Dream Beams box one of the 18cm characters. At first, my daughter did think he was a giraffe but she soon realised that Basil was a bull. Basil is super squishy with brown and orange patches with two small blue bull horns. Basil the bull is a forest ranger so he has a very important job to make sure that maintain the forest and enforces regulations. He also likes to run marathons with his best friend Santiago.

The adorable Henry the Hippopotamus was one of my daughter's favourites, he was also the other 18cm Dream Beam that we received in our box. Henry is the doctor of the Dream Beams world, so he also has a very important job and most of his days are filled with patients needing his help. However when he is not working, he enjoy the bubbles in the bath.

Dana the dinosaur was the biggest Dream Beam that was included in our box along with Basil and Henry, measuring 30cm. Dana was a fun and vibrant pink who had bright green spikes alongside her back, making her the best companion for bedtime. Dana is Kenny's younger sister who prefers to play outside with her friends over everything else. However, Dana has an incredible strength because she never worries about anything.

We love Dream Beams by Happy Line! There are so many fun and exciting characters to collect, you will definitely want to collect them all. You can head over to their website to find out which characters you want to get your hands on. You can sing along with the very catchy Dream Beams World Song. These Dreams Beams characters are only £7 for the 18cm and £15 for 30cm which is a great price for a cuddly new friend. These are available from The Entertainer at the moment. There are many characters to collect in this series with a new wave of additional characters being released soon. 

**We have been kindly gifted our Dream Beams but as always my words and opinions are my own. Images are subject to copyright, please seek permission before using.**