8 Years of Amelia Rose

Amelia Rose,

Today my sweet daughter, you are 8 years old! Although every year I sit here and write about how times flies by, with you it never seems to feel that way. It feels as though you have been here forever and I’m not sure I can even remember a life without you in it.

I remember laying you in my arms with your soft black hair, little fingers and toes. You looked up at me taking my breath away. I waited so long to see your face and I will forever cherish those first moments with you my precious girl. Little did I know you would be the best thing to ever happen to us and you were the missing piece that made our family whole. I feel blessed to have such a wonderful daughter like you.

I look at you now and struggle to see any of those baby features, your smile is forever changing with every lost tooth, your legs growing longer that I can hardly keep you in jeans or leggings before needing more. I look at you and know that as much as I wish time would slow down, it is very much passing us by, and I won’t lie to you baby girl, that breaks my heart just a little.

You are the most loving, kind and creative little girl. You are so courageous, independent and have the best personality. You're always happy to rush towards me with so much love and excitement whenever you see me, you do it with such passion. You can never leave me or go to sleep unless we have done our secret little handshake and say best friends forever to one another. It feels so precious and I will hold onto that for long as I possibly can, because I know that one day, you will grow up.

We have had the most incredible time together this year. we enjoyed trips to the farm, visiting Banham zoo, long weekends at Bacton and of course discovering your new favourite place, Dorset. The adventures we had in Dorset were some of our best, and they will always be cherished. It was nice to visit all the places that your Daddy visited as a child. The Jurassic coast is a place full of adventure, complete with pebbly beaches, stunning blue waters, cosy pubs and pastel coloured beach huts. It was the perfect family holiday.

The last year has been filled with adventures and although we have had the best time together, there have been some tough times too. It has been a big year for you, moving up from infant school to junior school, gaining your independence, building your confidence, and breaking away from the teachers that you loved so much.

The transition to year three has been really difficult for you. It has been an emotional roller coaster for us all, but for the most part, you have thrived and enjoyed every aspect of learning. Despite the struggles, you have continued to deal with them with such passion and courage. Your confidence has been knocked but you have come such a long way my little lady and I am so proud of you.

You always say that you don't feel that you're ever going to be enough, or get things right. But let me tell you this little lady, you are enough. Don't ever feel you have anything to prove to us, we just want you to continue to work as hard as you have been, have fun and be happy. I wish you could see the amazing person you are. This year has been a huge milestone for you and we are incredibly proud of you.

This past year has been the best adventure and you deserved every single one of them. I want more than anything for you have everything that I never did as a child. I want to take you to exciting places, have the best adventure and make the best memories with you. Not just the days out or seaside holidays. It was those moments too, watching films under blankets, taking the pups for walks in the woods, or venturing into town to go to our favourite tea shop. We have so many more to make. Everyday with you is an absolute blessing. I love you. 

Happy 8th Birthday, my little miss sunshine