Our Living Room Makeover

Our living room has been something that has been working progress for some time and it feels good to finally be sharing all the details in a blog post. It’s become a perfectly cosy space to have people over, watch TV or play with our little lady. By putting these pictures together has made me realise how far our little home has come over the past few months. 

Light, neutral tones...

A quick way to make any living room too feel more spacious, is by letting in more light. Moving furniture away from crucial windows will make a huge difference. Repainting walls in a light and bright colour can also instantly make a room feel more spacious and more open. So we painted the walls in Dulux Pure Brilliant White and I think it has made a huge difference from the beige cream we had. We wanted to try and do panelling on the bottom half in the living room, but we decided to paint the bottom half in a contrasting colour instead.

Grey is the perfect neutral for any space because it is a versatile tone that varies from subtle and calm to warm and strong. The grey colour can help give a sense of warmth, making it a perfect choice for cosy light-filled rooms. But let me tell you, trying to find the perfect grey was no easy feat. After many testers, we finally settled on Dulux Chic Shadow which was a true grey without blue or purple undertones. It just added some contrast, especially against the skirting, door frames and the ceiling.

A new sofa...

As you can see we've completely changed the sofa too. Our original colour scheme was really dated with soft beige and chocolate. The sofa was something that was supposed to be temporary, but it saw us through most of our time in this house. So it was time for a fresh new look. Our new sofa is the Belair 4 Seater Sofa in the blend Ash and I love it. The detailing is absolutely stunning and perfect for the three of us. It's amazing how much extra space going from a 2 Seater and a 3 seater give us. 

Add some framed artwork...

A great way to give your room a fresh new look is by adding some stunning framed artwork. From classic pieces featuring a hues or abstract prints with bold lines to textured canvases with striking colours and mixed elements. As our colour scheme was minimalist we wanted to add a splash of blush pink hues throughout to break up the colour scheme. This Flower Field Framed Wall Art, just does that. Depicting a vibrant field of elegant flowers, this piece of wall art will bring an element of sophistication to my wall and d├ęcor.

Making the kitchen hatch a statement piece..

Kitchen hatches were initially designed as a small opening in the kitchen wall so that you could serve food to a connected room, but they are very outdated. However, we were unsure what we could do with ours. It wasn't possible to fill our hatch in, so we wanted to draw more attention to the hatch by utilising the unique shape and element of design.

We eventually made the decision to make the kitchen hatch a statement piece on its own. There were a number of ways that we could have done this by hanging artwork to the wall, add shelving, or using bold paint or wallpaper to really make a feature. We wanted to add more light into the room.  So we thought that the best way to do this was to add in a mirror and paint the wood in a glossy white to really amplify the bright and airy feel we want to achieve.

Add in some contrast with greenery...

Plants are more popular than ever and if you haven’t already hopped on the trend, now’s the time. For our neutral living room, we wanted to add a selection of bright contrasting plants in rich emerald tones with sprawling leaves to really draw the eye. So we have added some greenery in our kitchen hatch as well as a contemporary metal wall art sculpture that really finishes off the aesthetic.

What do you think of our living room makeover, do you like it?