Gift Guide: For Girls

Have you started shopping for Christmas gifts yet? I know we will be starting soon. When it comes to buying presents for kids, I've learned it can add an entirely new level of stress to the holidays. It's either they have no idea what they want, or they want everything! To make this easier, we make a list of things we want to get them with a budget in mind.

Whether you're shopping for your children, nieces, or nephews, I have compiled a list of great gifts for children they are sure to love. Whenever you buy something for children, you want to make sure it is something they will enjoy, use frequently, or want.

You can't go wrong with slippers and pyjamas, if you ask me. Who doesn't enjoy getting slippers or jammies for Christmas? It's always the one gift that is always at the top of my list. Why not prepare little ones for sound slumbers in super-soft pyjamas and nighties covered in fun, unique prints? There are a wonderful selection of options out there. You could go traditional like these Woven Button Through Pyjamas and Soft Reindeer Pyjamas or choose something that is simple like the Jingles Printed Pyjamas or Mini Reindeer Dress from The White Company.

Having gained popularity over the years, ukuleles are a great starting point for children who want to learn this amazing musical instrument. Ukuleles are small musical instruments that are ideal for your children. They are also extremely affordable and come in different sizes. My daughter has been asking for a Ukulele for some time and is has become the ONLY toy that she would like.

The Martin Smith Soprano Ukulele*features a lightweight contoured body that ensures a comfortable playing experience. The basswood body is paired with nylon strings, which may require regular tuning but offer a softer playing experience on your fingers, in conjunction with the warm tones they produce. It also comes complete with its own, perfectly sized Ukulele bag which will allow you to protect your uke when it's not in use and allow you to take it with you wherever you go.

My daughter is very artistic and loves creating things. The more creative, the better! So we always get a couple of arts and crafts gifts under the tree, so she can unleash that creative flair of hers from time to time. Maché Magic®*is an easy and fun way to make paper-maché crafts. Remember how much you could have with just a bit of toilet paper, flour and water? This Maché Magic® Set is an easy and fun way to make paper-maché crafts, but without the mess. Sounds good, right? This craft kit includes everything you need to create and decorate, plus you can use your own decorations too! These crafts make wonderful gifts, keepsakes, and holiday decorations. You can also hide a surprise inside the box for your family and friends to discover. See review here

Headphones for kids really came into their own, but they’re useful for all sorts of situations. Whether you're traveling or out and about, you can use them to provide entertainment to your child without disturbing others.  BuddyPhones*have been specifically designed with children in mind. Not only are these BuddyPhones innovative, they are beneficial to children for protecting their hearing as well as teaching good listening habits. These headphones have a volume-limiting circuit which protects hearing which is capped at 85dB to prevent hearing damage. Engineered with certified safe materials that are hypoallergenic, super durable, and designed to be comfortable for children to wear.

BuddyPhones are available in Grey Matter, Rose Pink, Cool Blue, Sun Yellow, Deep Blue and Snow White, that also include beautiful stickers with fun characters that any little one will love. With 20 hours of battery life, kids can play without worrying about a cable. Of course, if you prefer the cable, you can use the one included with the headphones.

Books are often overlooked as Christmas gift ideas for children, but they shouldn't be. As well as creating a bond between you and your child, reading to them also encourages their imagination. We have come across this Weather: Pop Up Book* by Maike Biederstadt which introduces children to the weather through an engaging pop-up book. 

The book is a beautiful pop-up book that is packed with information describing different types of weather which is illustrated with delightful, fascinating pop-ups that are captivating. Whether your child loves keeping track of the weather in your area or is interested in what causes stormy seas or tornados, your child will be in complete awe by detailed pop-ups on each page. They will learn how the weather can be different all over the world due to wind and sun in certain areas which can then affect others. 

The end of the book includes a section on climate change which is something that my daughter is very passionate about, as should we all. It encourages young readers to think about the way we could work together to protect our world and to stop the destruction of our planet.

Barbie toys have been around for years. This classic doll has stood the test of time. However Barbie sets have evolved to be more sophisticated and better quality, so that your young one can live out all her Barbie dreams. So the Barbie Big City, Big Dreams Singing Malibu Barbie Doll is the perfect gift for any budding singers or performers out there. Ready for the spotlight? When little ones lift Barbie's microphone to her mouth, music will play, her dress will light up, and she will sing along to one of two original songs! When her arm is rested back in place, the music will keep playing but Barbie doll will stop singing until kids lift the microphone up again.

For as long as I can remember, my daughter has been fascinated by fairies and the magic they bring. So there's no doubt in my mind that she will be enchanted by these adorable little fairies and love exploring the magical world of Bloopies Fairies*

These Bloopies Fairies come in a cute pink magical flower capsule that can only be opened with a butterfly key. With a simple twist and click, you will unlock the flower petals that reveal a small fairy doll that comes with other surprises that include a wand, a glitter pearl, a skirt, 2 wings and fins, a personalised accessory related to her fairy power and a special pearl from the sea world. There are 10 surprise fairy dolls to collect including an ultra rare character that has special finishes. We have a full review here

I really do hope that my gift guide inspires you, even a little. Some of the items featured in my gift guide for girls have been sent to me for review, but they are great Christmas gift ideas that any girl would love. 

**We have been kindly gifted some of the gifts featured but as always my words and opinions are my own. Images are subject to copyright, please seek permission before using.**