Factors to Check Before Hiring Expert Property Stylists

Getting your home professionally styled before listing it for sale can help increase its value and the chances of it being sold quicker. With so many expert property stylists available, it’s crucial that you’re aware of what factors and requirements you should verify before hiring one.

Many home-styling services like novaricollective.com.au offer a free consultation to help make your selection process easier. Ensure you check the below information before hiring a styling service for your home.

Price Estimate and Time Frame

Selling a property takes time, but you can fasten the process by being adequately prepared ahead of time. Property stylists can take days or weeks to style your property completely. So, it's ideal to ask for an estimated completion date in advance so that you can plan other things accordingly.

Asking for a price estimate after your first consultation is also ideal. You don't want to face exorbitant bills at the end of the staging process when it is too late to change your mind.

Check the Certification

Many property stylists are certified as interior designers but may not have the experience or expertise when it comes to real projects. You want to ensure that you entrust your home to a verified professional who knows what to do.

Certified property stylists also stay up to date about the latest trends and factors that attract potential buyers to properties and help make your property fit that criterion.

Previous Experience

Professional stylists, experienced in handling various situations, know how to complete projects efficiently and conveniently without any obstructions. The more experience a stylist possesses, the more connections they will have with a range of suppliers and services.

Styling services with experienced stylists will also have a routine pipeline for all their projects. They will give you a pretty accurate estimate for the completion date, making things easier for you.

Past Work Examples

Having access to a property stylist’s past work and projects can give you a clear idea of their work style. You can check their portfolio to judge if they will be able to cater to your specific needs.

Many stylists provide an online gallery of their projects so potential clients can view them freely before getting in touch. Look through their portfolio to see if they can truly make your property shine with their methods.


Some damages or accidents can happen while your home is being staged, and you need to ensure that you are not liable for these damages. Ask beforehand whether the styling service you are considering has insurance on all the items they will be using in your home.

This can help if something happens to the products being used for styling when your home is being showcased to potential buyers or during transportation.

Find the Perfect Property Stylist for Your Home

You may need to invest considerable time and effort into finding the perfect property stylist for your home. However, when you check all these factors, you can sit back and relax while your home is styled to perfection. There is a higher possibility of your home being sold successfully when you get professional services to help you make it look more appealing for potential buyers.