Easy DIY Halloween Boo Wand

It's always at this time of year when I'm feeling most creative. I can always be found crafting with my girl, baking some autumnal cookies or changing the d├ęcor in our home. The autumn season brings a sense of cosiness, warmth, pumpkins with a hint or two of cinnamon. 

I love seeing the changing colours outside my window and like to reflect this in my home too with autumn wax melts, blankets and pumpkins galore (no, seriously, I have a problem). The thing I like most about expressing myself creatively is discovering new ways to do it.

Whether its monster treats, spider web cupcakesapple stamping, carving pumpkins, or making our own Halloween decorations. I love that about autumn. This year we are going introduce a boo basket to our little girl that will be filled with lots of spooky activities, clothing and of course goodies. I'm always trying to think of new ways to be creative and I have seen some of the cutest little boo wands, and so I thought that we would have a go at making our own. 

It is surprising what some straws, ribbon, string and some scissors can do. This DIY Halloween Boo Wand is so easy to do, and your children will love making something for spooky season. You can be as creative as you want and use the traditional orange and purple or go for a cute little pastel pink and black. 

What you'll need to make your own Boo Wand:

White and Pink Card
Black & white string twine
Black & white paper straws
Glue gun
Paper cutting knife 
Cutting mat
Black felt pen

Step One: Make Your Ghost

First, simply take a piece of white card and outline a ghost shape with a pencil, or download the free printable below and trace onto white card. You will need to make two ghost cut outs that are the same shape and size, then glue together. Using a black felt tip pen draw on two eyes and a mouth and set aside. 

Step Two: Make Your Boo Flag

With your pink card draws two equal triangles that measure to about 10cm in length and about 6cm wide, similar to the image below. Then using a paper cutting knife and mat, carefully cut out your boo flags. If you don't have these, then scissors will work too. Then using a black felt tip pen write the words 'BOO' on each triangle. 

Step Three: Decorate Your Boo Wand

Your DIY Halloween Boo Wand is nearly done! Using your black & white string twine, measure and cut four 10cm pieces. Then take your Halloween satin ribbon measure two 10cm ribbons. Then using a glue gun, spread a thin line of glue down the back of the one triangle, then lay down your black & white paper straw on top. The twine and ribbon will then need to be glued into place on either side of the black & white paper straw. We found that it was easiest to glue the ribbon into place first and then add the two pieces of twine over the top. Add some glue onto the back of your second triangle cut out and press together. Finally, glue your ghost onto your wand and secure in place. 

What do you think of our Halloween Boo Wand? Will you have a go at making your own?