Healthy Self-care Habits For Everyday Life

Self-care is a big deal. Regularly taking the time, even in small and simple ways, to take care of yourself is crucial to your well-being. And, no, it's not selfish. The more that you take the time for yourself, the better you are in supporting others.

The last few months have been, somewhat, difficult. While most of use have all calming adapted to quarantine life a year a go, devoting much of their time baking and defining a fitness routine. Some of us, staring into a dark bottomless abyss become the normal way of life.

By now, one thing is clear to me. We are either our greatest allies or our own worst enemies at such times. How we react makes all the difference. I have been trying so hard to be consistent and develop a few good healthy habits to make sure that I take care of myself after an emotionally and physically exhausting year. By introducing a few simple healthy habits into your life can change your whole mindset and help you avoid wasting time of things that bring don't bring you joy.

I was spending way too much time focused on social media. Hey, TikTok, I'm looking at you! Stress eating, not getting enough sleep or even have the energy to go out for a walk. And, unfortunately became a bit of a vicious cycle. Now, I'll be the first to admit that I haven't completed mastered these, but here are some self care habits that I'm working on right now.

Walk in natural spaces.

I'm so grateful and fortunate to be able to live in the countryside, where we are surrounded by nature walks, rivers and gorgeous beaches. It was something that became our saviour during lockdown. A walk first thing in the morning or just before starting our bedtime routine was the perfect healthy habit to instil into our everyday life. The fresh air will do wonders for your health and mindset.

Relax and unwind.

A peaceful, tranquil bubble bath is sometimes all you need to wipe away the stresses of everyday life. A lovely day to unwind is run a hot bath, drop in some essential oil, light a candle melt and let your worries melt away. A Melt in Time offer a fabulous range of melts for your next pamper session. Some of their scents are specifically designed to help you destress and to sleep better. They are 100% handmade, natural, cruelty-free and vegan-friendly. The bathroom is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a whole range of distinctive and enchanting fragrances. Wax melts last longer than a standard candle and with a market full of different style, size and fragrances - you won't be short of choice.

Adapt a healthier lifestyle.

When people think of self-care, they often think of the physical kind. We need to understand that taking care of our bodies is a huge part of self-care, but that doesn't have to include an extreme exercise routine that leaves you walking like a hunched over 90 year old for a week. Thanks, Joe Wicks and your "easy" workouts for kids! The thought of introducing an exercise routine into our already busy lifestyle can feel incredibly overwhelming. The key to self-care is to include things that you enjoy. If you feel like it is something that you have to do, then it will NOT become a daily habit and you'll probably feel worse off anyway. Simple things like making a super healthy smoothies before your morning walks, drinking more water, meditating or going for a long walk in the evening. You might also consider to include an in-home service such as Drip Hydration Hawaii. IV treatments can replenish low levels of essential vitamins and help you feel your best. 

Limit media consumption.

Social media. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. TikTok. It's hard to remember a time before social media, when our only means of connecting with friends and family was through calling or writing letters. We had little or no access to a great internet connection. It's become a life line for many of us and has a hand in strengthening those relationships during the pandemic - it has been good for mental health especially when most of us are spending time alone. As an online business owner, being on social media was a part of my everyday life. Its the place where driving traffic to my resources, its the place where I earn a living. But if you’re dreaming about media, leaping in in the middle of the night, or binging on it until you feel slightly sick, it’s time to back off. Consistent refreshing content give us a sense of control, but know when enough is enough.

Protecting Your Family

While practicing healthy self-care habits is essential for everyday life, it's equally important to consider the well-being of your family in the long term. One aspect of this is ensuring that your family is protected and prepared for future eventualities, including the end of life. Investing in a comprehensive funeral plan is a thoughtful way to safeguard your family during emotionally challenging times. Such a plan not only eases the financial burden associated with funeral expenses but also provides a structured approach to fulfilling last wishes. By taking this proactive step, you can ensure that your family is not overwhelmed with difficult decisions during a period of mourning.

Take a time out.

We all need to become more in tune with our emotions. We’ve all got a lot on our plates a lot of the time, but taking a little time-out for yourself can have lasting benefits. This might mean saying no to certain requests, delaying not-so-urgent tasks, or getting up slightly earlier so that you can squeeze in some you-time doing the things that you absolutely love doing. It's about checking in with yourself, becoming more mindful of your triggers and patterns, and finding a way through them.

It's okay to feel sad, cry, laugh and to feel angry. Take a moment to reflect on things that bring you the most joy as everyone is different. You could make your favourite drink, give yourself a treat, calling up a friend, getting creative or even take up journaling. I find that writing my emotions can be really beneficial, especially for those has suffer with depression and anxiety - by writing down our feelings can actually help you understand things a little more.

I really hope that by sharing some of the healthy self-care habits into my life will encourage you to make a change and take more time out for you. Self-care isn't selfish! The more that you take the time for yourself, the better you are in supporting others. What are your self-care habits?