Rainbocorns Wild Heart Surprise

My daughter has always been a huge fan of surprise toys and naturally gravitates towards then when given the opportunity. I understand the fascination of the these kind of surprise toys, as you really never know what you're going to get. But who wouldn't want to open a toy that is full of hidden surprises?

Over the Easter holidays we have been hatching and eating lots of delicious eggs, we still have quite a few to still get through. However, for the very first time my daughter has the opportunity to hatch her very own Rainbocorn and she couldn't be more excited. But what are Rainbocorns?

What are Rainbocorns?

Rainbocorns are adorable, colourful and cuddly plush toys which consists of an animal such as a tiger, giraffe, zebra or elephants and is mixed with some unicorn features. Every Rainbocorn comes with a some other surprises and you may even come across some Boo-Boocorns too, which are the cutest wide eyes little creatures you'll ever see.

We were kindly sent over a huge Rainbocorns Easter bundle that was full of brightly coloured eggs that we could wait to hatch. There was a Rainbocorns Wild Heart Surprise, Rainbocorns Sparkle Surprises, and Rainbocorns Puppy Surprises as well as some packs of Rainbocorns Itzy Bitzy Surprise Collectibles. So as you can see we had a lot of hatching to get through. There were so many to choose from, so where would you start? The biggest egg of them all, of course!

Rainbocorns Wild Heart Surprise.

So we started with the Rainbocorns Wild Heart Surprise which was full of WILD surprises including our very own Wild Rainbocorn, a Sequin Clip-on Heart, a Rainbocorn Wild Poop, a Long Tailed Boo-Boocorn and a set of Press-on Nails. You can hatch, hug and play with your new cuddly friend once they hatch from their colourful, reusable plastic egg which breaks into two parts. There are 7 new wild characters to collect including the Tucancorn, Zebracorn and even a rare sparkle Slothcorn!

Our Rainbocorn egg was bright purple with a green and gold Ombre horn. There was also a silver sequin heart on the front of that you can brush to reveal a special symbol. We welcomed a new Zebracorn called Blanco and she's the cutest little thing, but my daughter has decided that Zebby is better suited for her new friend.

Our little Rainbocorn has a bright pink tummy, wings and horn with gold glittery feet (or hooves). Zebby is really soft, colourful, and super cuddly. It didn't take my daughter long to figure out that the sequin removeable heart slots right into her tummy, which really reminds of the care bears that my sister and I had as little girls. As it has a clip you could also wear it as a cool new hair accessory.

As my daughter hatched Zebby she soon realised that there were more surprises inside and she couldn't wait to open them. There was a birth certificate, a small packet of Rainbocorn Poop and a small egg that had a Long Tailed Boo-Boocorn inside. These are similar to some other toys my daughter has but these can be used a pencil toppers too. If you manage to get your hands on Slothcorn or Toucancorn you may also be able to get a set of rare twins, sadly we didn't. But we got a yellow Long Tailed Zebra who has been name Zebrina!

Next my daughter decided to open the small packet of Rainbocorn Wild Poop that included some pink and black poop. It wasn't tacky or slimy at all and felt like a softer version of play dough, it smooshed together to make a light grey colour. My daughter preferred playing with this Wild Poop instead of slime. A win for mum! The only thing I would say if you want to keep your Wild Poop from drying out is to put it into a plastic container or a zip lock bag to keep it fresh.

The last surprise she came across was the Press-on Nails that matched her little Rainbocorn, so of course they has black and pink stripes just like Zebby. I really like these nails, some were slightly too big for my daughter's nails but they didn't ping off straight away like some others we have used.

Rainbocorns are cute, colourful and cuddly. They come in their very own egg that is held together by a sequin heart that can also pop into their tummies that have a reveals a special symbol. Every Rainbocorns comes with a some other surprises too and you may even find some Boo-Boocorns and they are the cutest wide eyes little creatures you'll ever see.

My daughter has always been a huge fan of surprise toys. There's nothing quite like opening a new toy that is full of hidden surprises just waiting to be discovered, so it comes to no surprise that she LOVES Rainbocorns. We welcomed a little Zebracorn into our family and she had the pride of place making it onto the bed of toys, that's a big thing in our house. But next we are looking for a Slothcorn and hope that we get a rare set of twins inside. Have you come across a Rainbocorn before? What do you think of Zebby?

** We have been kindly gifted the Rainbocorn Easter Bundle but as always my words and opinions are my own. Images are subject to copyright, please seek permission before using.**