Call Me Chloe Interactive Doll

As children learn and develop they will begin to show a preference to certain types of play and expression. My little girl loves building towers, designing villages for her fairies as well as taking her dolls on adventures outside and baking lots of cakes for her tea parties. So we know what she likes and always provide specific to encourage play and her imagination. 

Most parents will know that children are curious and this often leads to many opportunities to learn more about the world around them. There are so many wonderfully creative toys available that will aid a child in their development from improving problem solving and cognitive skills to boosting self expression and critical thinking. Through play, children are gaining confidence, learning and acquiring skills that will prepare them further as they develop. 

And while there are many toys that will enhance their developmental skills, certain toys tend to lose their novelty quickly. The best kind of toys are the ones that encourage role play and language development, but also be toys that a child will choose again and again. 

Dolls and prams have always been my daughter first choice when it comes to play time. While traditional gender roles dictate that dolls are a toy mainly for girls, playing with dolls can provide important growth for children regardless of their gender. Children can use their imagination to practice talking as they have one-sided conversations with their dolls, and also learning the names of body parts, clothing items and more complicated concepts such as feelings.

We got our daughter her very first dolly when she was small and five years on and she still carries that same dolly everywhere with her. When given the opportunity she loves to dress her up to pop in her prams for a walk or dragged her along on our adventures in the care. So when there was an opportunity for her to play with a brand new Call Me Chloe doll I knew she would jump at the chance. 

Meet Call Me Chloe

Most children today are great with technology and pretty accustomed to seeing mobile phones. They are more familiar with technology than with any other generation and often know how to use tablets and mobiles better than their parents and grandparents! So it comes to no surprises that children love to imitate everything we do and play with our mobile phones.

While toy mobile phones are not a new thing as technology moves on, toy makers adapt to offer items that reflect the world around us. Call Me Chloe is a life-like interactive doll that comes with her very own phone as well a matching smartphone for a little one. It not something that we have ever seen before but it's a great way to encourage and engage a child's imagination as well as helping to develop and encourage communication, and language skills.

Call Me Chloe comes with true to life expressions and movements designed to encourage your child to continue playing without boredom. With over 30 different phrases about different topics, she provides the right amount of interaction to encourage interest and curiosity. Chloe can also move her arm to her eat and move her mouth for a realistic effect making her a doll that any child would love and treasure. 

Super Cool and Stylish

Chole comes with a complete with a super cool denim style pinafore dress covered in three patches, featuring an emoji symbol with heart eyes, a rainbow and a love heart. Underneath she wears a plain white t-shirt with a pink trim and she comes with removeable pink and blue mouse design shoes. So inspired by Chloe and her outfit choice my daughter thought that it would be a great idea to go and change into a similar outfit so that they could twin it together. It's the cutest, right?

Chloe also had long blonde hair that is swept up to the side by a bright rainbow hair bow. At the moment my daughter has become fascinated by styling hair so Chloe and her long blonde hair will give her the opportunity to enhance those hairdressing skills. Inside the box there are a host of accessories but this doll stands at 18" so you will be able to use compatible doll clothes and accessories to play around with her style. 

Chloe Loves to Talk

Chloe just loves to talk, so she really is the perfect doll for my little chatterbox as they can talk for hours and hours. With a press of a button you can actually give Chloe a call where her phone will ring and she will move her arm to put it to her ear and really talk to you. As Chloe has life-like features her mouth and lips move as she talks to really add to the effect making it ever more realistic. 

Amazing Interactive Features

Call Me Chole comes with her own mobile but inside the box you will find an exact replica for your little one. My daughter was so excited to see that there was an interactive mobile phone for her too. There are nine different icons on the phone so you can choose a topic to talk about. You can choose from topics like the weather, shopping, friendship, birthdays, music, travel to sleep, games and food. 

There are over 30 different phrases that Chloe can say across the different topics. Once you have finished talking with Chloe she will then prompt you to choose another topic to talk about. If you don't press another button and engage with Chloe, she will politely hang up. If you accidentally leave her on, she will politely remind you that she is still there and wants to talk. 

What Mimi Rose Thought of Chloe

My daughter loves Chloe! She has the ultimate best friend and can take her anywhere for endless talking time about their favourite topic of shopping and music. Chloe has been for rides in the car, walks in the pram and explored adventures to the beach already. My daughter loves Chloe and all her amazing interactive features. It's not like any other toy and she loves the fact that she can REALLY talk to Chloe about anything - they could talk for hours. 

Call Me Chloe is a beautifully made doll that has lots of attention to detail with her realistic lips and mouth and her super cool outfit to her choice in accessories and long blonde hair. There are a host of different outfits and accessories that you can choose from, all sold separately. Call Me Chloe is an ideal birthday or Christmas present for girls and boys aged 5 years and over who love interactive dolls, mobile phones and role playing games. All you need is 3 x AA Batteries (Doll) 3 x AG13 (Phone) to get talking!

If you want to find out more about Call Me Chloe head over Character Toys. We have so much fun with the brand new interactive toy and as Christmas is just around the corner these are going to be THE toy that every little girl or boy wants. Allow their imagination to unravel with Chloe and listen in with their conversations about their favourites topics. Call Me Chloe Doll is also available on Amazon, Smyths Toys and Argos -  it's never too early to smash through that Christmas list!!!!

What do you think of Call Me Chloe?

**We have been kindly gifted our Call Me Chloe Doll but as always my words and opinions are my own. Images are subject to copyright, please seek permission before using.**