Coffee Filter Butterflies

Who knew that coffee filters could be so versatile, I know that you are going to love this little craft that we did whilst in lockdown. It’s so fun to see what you can create just by digging around your kitchen cabinets! With a little imagination, you can always find something in the house to create with. 

Coffee filter crafts really encourage children to be kids, and use their imagination as they craft! My girl has come up with a great coffee filter creation during the lockdown in the shape of these beautiful butterflies. These coffee filter butterflies can keep my girl occupied for some time as it is something that she can do on her own. The best part about coffee filter crafts is that you don’t need many things to make them. You probably already have most of the necessary supplies around the house.

These classic coffee filter butterflies are SO EASY to make and look so beautiful! This is such a great craft to do with the little ones during spring time and summer, we used this activity to talk about the life cycle of a butterfly. We also like the fact that this activity is relatively low mess. It’s even a bit of a science experiment when you wet the coffee filter and watch the colours blend. Encourage them to discuss what colours they can see, and perhaps ask them if they can predict what they might see when separating the pigments of different coloured markers. 

To make these coffee filter butterflies you'll need:

Clothes pegs
Coffee filters 
Pipe cleaners 
Marker pens 
A cup of water. 

1. You need to unleash a little creativity and make circles of colour on the filters, you can be as creative as you like have fun experimenting with colour. 

2. Fill a cup with a little bit of water, fold the coffee filter into a cone shape and place the tip of the cone into the water. Leave in the water for 30-60 seconds. 

3. Remove the filter from the cup of water and carefully lay flat to dry. 

4. When they are dry, scrunch up one or two filters. Slide them carefully into a clothes peg and then fan out the filters to look like wings. 

5. Wrap a pipe cleaners around the top of the peg and twist and secure. Use your felt pens to make your butterflies even more vibrant and colourful. 

These coffee filter butterflies are so simple and easy to do with the little ones during the lockdown as part of their home learning. Whether you want to teach them about spring, the life cycle of a butterfly, as a science experiment or just for fun. It's a craft for all. Now don't forget to pin this later.