Getting Organised: How To Be More Productive at Home

Throughout my life I have always been someone who loves to be organised, if anything being organised is one of my biggest qualities. To me, being organised comes so naturally. I have always believed that everything has its place and that there is a place for everything. Whether these are my clothes, the airing cupboard, fridge or books - everything has a certain place to live.

However, being organised isn't just about have a neat wardrobe or making sure that your veggies are put in a certain place, it's also about how we organise our life and work. Whether you're planning time to write blog posts, booking doctor appointments, or taking your children to after school clubs - being organised is incredibly important and can help increase productivity and efficiency. I cannot even begin to tell you about the importance of being organised when trying to accomplish your goals or intentions. 

Planning your week gives you time and space to figure out how you’re going to fit everything in. If you’re trying to make progress at work and in your personal life, planning your week will help you get there. But also you won’t feel like a headless chicken trying to do everything at the last minute.

Every blogger or content creator knows that you need to plan ahead when it comes to blog content, whether these are seasonal upcoming holidays, events you have coming up or just a way to keep productive. Planning is essential. Some people love plan their entire days, and some even by the hour, however I prefer planning this on a week by week basis. I find it's a better way to compare stats, page views and expenses. But here are so of my favourite ways to get organised and become productive.

Create a List...

Every morning I begin with a new task list for the day ahead, and this gorgeous Sweet Sherbert Dreams Luxury List Pad is a great way to create those lists. The perforated cover has a trendy and elegant pattern of pink marble swirls. Who doesn't love swirls? It can be easily torn off or folded back to reveal the decorated paper, which is also perforated for quick and neat removal. Ruled lines help you to write in your plans, notes, and schedules. Throughout my day I will consistently tick off tasks completed and add new task as the day goes by, with the hopes that they will be ticked off too, if not added to the next day. By adding my tasks into a list means that I will never lose track of a task that hasn't been completed.

Use a Calendar to Keep Track...

Calendars are a simple and effective tool to help keep us productive and maximise our day. I love using Google Calendars, however it doesn't really matter what way you use whether you use a paper calendar or one online. The important part is practising the habit of using a calendar, and following through with your activities according to the time blocks you assign yourself. Your time and attention are your most valuable resources, don’t let them go to waste.

A Desk Planner Can Make Things Simple...

Even with hundreds of available apps to help organise your life, a paper desk calendar may be just what you need to stay on top of your work schedule. Whether you know it or not, having a desk planner can not only simplify your life, it can help you alleviate stress and anxiety that often comes with trying to track your appointments. It’s been said the more times you see or write something the more likely you will be to remember it. Paper calendars can help with that. When you have to write down meetings and other important appointments you’ll be more likely to remember them. This Sweet Sherbert Dreams Desk Planner is a pretty cute way to make sure that I keep on top of my life. The pad features plenty of pages, so you'll have room to keep track of your schedule no matter how busy things get! A pastel blue marble border complements the blush pink details, providing soft colour that lights up your workplace. Isn't it pretty?

Create a Place to Capture Big Ideas

Many might think that having many notepads may go against your organisation process, but it’s the opposite for me. At this moment, I currently have three notepads sitting on my desk filled with pitch ideas, to-dos for the day, and random ideas that pop into my head. These Sweet Sherbert Dreams A5 Exercise Books are really brilliant for capturing my big idea for a blog where I can just pop into my handbag for inspiration on the go. I just cannot go anyway without a notebook and pen. Pastel pink and sky blue flourishes add trendy elegance to the set, making them ideal for the creative thinker who wants a notebook as special as the ideas and notes inside. I need something that focuses more on recording stats, planning blog content and keeping notes of brand work which is why I have decided to start a bullet journal. When it came to starting a bullet journal, for me finding the perfect journal was essential. It just didn't seem right to begin a bullet journal in just any notebook, I was looking for something a little more luxurious. Keeping with the marbled theme this A5 Chunky Notebook is a great book for creating a bullet journal. Do you want to start your own bullet journal?

If you try and implement a couple of way to try and get organised, you are more likely to be productive and reach those goals. What ways do you like to keep organised? I'd love to hear. 


  1. These are great tips. I love a desk calendar, I use it to plan all sorts. I definitely need to start making to do lists!

  2. I'm all about lists! I am old school in that I have a paper work and family planner - I don't know where I'd be withut them!

  3. I have a desk weekly planner and I love it. I make a list each day and gradually tick it off and it just makes me feel calmer.

  4. Great tips! I love a list and it keeps me focused and on track throughout the week.

  5. I can get a bit carried away with lists but nothing beats a good bit of stationery. These look ideal.

  6. At work I am always the organised one but its an entirely different story at home LOL

  7. I love using lists. I wouldn't get much done without them.

  8. Great post. I'm so disorganized it's unreal. Unless I do something the minute I think about it, it won't get done.

  9. I love being organised and i'm a big list writer. And, you're right it does help to achieve your goals if you have a way of monitoring and staying focused