An Absolute MUST HAVE for a Better Night's Sleep

Being able to sleep well at night is essential. We all know how difficult it can be to get a good night’s sleep when you have young children. The evening rest allows the body to regenerate and heal itself at a much faster rate. This is why you get that refreshed feeling when you wake up from a good night’s sleep. Unfortunately for me, the quality of my sleep is something that can always be improved. There are small tweaks and simple tips you can implement that can make all the difference. 

The Sleep Master Mimi

As someone who has anxiety getting to sleep and staying asleep isn't something that comes naturally. I have the best intentions when trying to get to sleep, avoiding caffeine, and staying off social media. However, as soon as my head hits the pillow it can be a struggle to drift into a deep sleep. I will lay there staring at the ceiling listening to my husband and daughter sleep, and my mind goes into overdrive with worry. I know that it's my anxiety that affecting my sleep however I have been trying a new relaxing routine in a bid to get a better night sleep. 

Cue the relaxation mode. The best way to kick start off an evening to get a better sleep is to draw a bath and drop a bath bomb into your tub. Enjoy a peaceful soak infused with soothing scents, you could even have a rose petal bath to make yourself feel extra special. After a bubble bath, wrap yourself in a comfortable robe, cleanse your face, moisturise and perhaps apply a face mask. There is nothing more appealing than going full on relaxation than with some fresh comfy pyjamas after a hot bath and a little beauty routine. Now that you smell and feel gorgeous it time to hit the sheets. Don't get distracted by the never ending scrolling through twitter or Facebook, make an effort to put your phone on charge out of reach, turn off those notifications and catch some zzzzs. 

This new relaxing routine wouldn't be complete without this MUST HAVE for a better night's sleep! Say hello to the Sleep Master® Sleep Mask. Now before we get into all the important details about the mask I feel that I need to be honest and tell you that a sleep mask isn't something that I use, if anything it's probably been years since I have used one. Most people see sleep masks as something that is a normally associated with as being really feminine and a kind of gimmick, or used on flights. However, in reality they are pretty useful as a sleep aid and something that we all should be using more. 

The Look and Feel.

Sleep Master® Sleep Mask arrived in minimal packaging and included some foam earplugs to give you the best sleep possible. It was quite lovely to see that there seemed to be more focus on the quality of the product than on the packaging that would normally go to waste anyway. The Sleep Master® Sleep Mask is a blue soft satin padded mask with a velcro fastening. It comes as one piece that is wide and wraps completely around your head, unlike most masks that have an elastic strap that is attached to the mask. A bonus for me was the velcro fastening as it wasn't something I had seen in a mask before, but when my unruly hair got stuck in the velcro is would really pull, so it wasn't ideal for relaxation mode. 

My Experience.

The Sleep Master® Sleep Mask made a difference to my sleeping pattern and I managed to get some sleep and managed to stay asleep. The mask blocked out all light and the sound was indeed muffled as the thick mask covered my ears too, but I did find it really odd to have something over my ears as I slept. It does need to be noted that even though the sound was muffled it wouldn't completely block out noises. 

When I tried to position the mask on my eyes it just felt as if it was a little loose and my hair would always get caught in the velcro. I found it so much easier to put the mask on my forehead, adjust the strap and then pull down to my eyes, it was so much better as the velcro wouldn't pull at my arm and the mask felt secure. It does a great job of blocking out light, and the adjustable strap has a reliable fastener to keep it in place on your face. I think there’s just enough on the strap to suit head sizes at both ends of the spectrum, though you might have that velcro strip on the end if you have a smaller head. Once on, the mask was surprising comfortable and I loved feeling the padded satin on my eyes, the v shaped opening for the nose also added to the comfort. The material was so soft and lightweight, I could barely feel it on my skin.

Sleep Master Mask Fastenings

As a contact lens wearer, the winter can be really harsh for my eyes. With the heating on full whack most of the time during the colder months can sometimes leave my eyes feeling sore and dry. But since wearing Sleep Master® Sleep Mask to bed, there has been a slight difference with my dry eyes. It's like the mask has helped create a barrier to help protect my eyes a little more.

The Sleep Master® Sleep Mask has really made a difference to my sleep and it was great for blocking out the light, the mask ensured that I went to sleep and stayed asleep. The only thing that I would say about the mask was that it didn't really deliver on muffling the sound, unless I put in the ear plugs too. Despite this, the mask is super soft very comfortable and has a fully adjustable fastening to suit all sizes. A great addition to my relaxation routine.

**We was kindly gifted our Sleep Master Mask, but as always my words and opinions are my own. Images are subject to copyright **


  1. The Sleep Master Sleep Mask looks really good for helping to get a good nights sleep! It's perfect for blocking out all the light, especially in the summer months :)

  2. Interesting! Anxiety can cause total havok with my sleep but I've never tried anything like this...

  3. I have spent nights awake worrying about things, the clock watching is awful! I tend to write things down before I go to sleep to try and off load onto paper. I have tried pillow mists too, the lavender one does help. I am not too bad now though as my migraine meds make me sleepy.

  4. I have an over active mind which can affect my sleep. I use a mask but not one like this. I like that it has velco so you can adjust it to your needs.

  5. I have not tried a sleep mask before but glad to hear it works for you

  6. WOW....bought one after saw this....THE BEST sleep mask I have ever tried....not cheap but priceless as the sun coming through the curtains ear;ier was starting to wake me up. It even blocks out some of his snoring...brilliant thanks x

  7. My sleep is terrible, mostly because me husband snores to much. Unfortunately I can't use earplugs, because then I don't hear if there's something wrong with the kids and my husband never wakes up.