Gift Guide: Little Girl Edition

It's our final gift guide of the year with our little girl edition. I always look forward to sharing this one because who doesn't get excited when buying toys for little ones. However, this year we have tried to stick to some kind of budget with our daughter and didn't overspend. We searched every corner possible to try and find the best deals around and so here is our little girl gift guide for ages five to seven. 

We have had five wonderful years of Christmas with my little lady and she is more than happy to let us know all the toys that she would love to see under the Christmas tree. However this year she has not given us any clues, whatsoever so we are officially stumped. Our daughter is a real girly girl and loves princesses, fairies but over the last few months her likes have expanded into dragons, dinosaurs, LEGO and Harry Potter. We have been sent some extremely lovely things that are making their way under the tree for her this year and I wanted to share them to maybe help some other parents with gift ideas for their little ones. So without to much rambling on keep reading for some little girl gift inspiration.


Named one top 10 toys for Christmas 2019, the Toniebox is a easy, fun way for little ones to listen to their favourite audio. Simply place a Tonie audio character on top of the box, and enjoy as the content from the story or song begins to play. Children will love interacting with stories and songs on this soft cube. The stories and songs have already been downloaded and the Toniebox has a seven hour battery life, giving children the chance to enjoy their favourites stories or songs on the move. 

The Toniebox is coated in a durable, sustainable fabric making it perfect for little hands – and the volume and tracks can be changed by simply moving the rubber ears on top of the box. You can choose from green, grey, red, purple, light blue, and pink. The Tonies are adorable hand printed figures each with their own story that you place on top of the Toniebox. These audio characters include Ariel, Cars, The Gurffalo, Zog, Little Red Riding Hood and other fairy tales. 

 Sylvanian Families. 

We started our Sylvanian families collection last year and they all have been a fantastic addition. Last year our daughter got the Red Roof Cosy Cottage, Beechwood Hall along with lots of Sylvanian families. Ever since then she has been captivated with these woodland creatures and wants to keep adding to her collection, she even saved her weekly pocket money to get bathroom set. So even though she wants to collect every set possible, we decided that this year we would stick to a couple of Sylvanian Families, accessories and the baby nursery bus. But in this gift guide we had to share the adorable Kangaroo family that comes in a set of four including Bruce Springer, Shelia Springer, Joanna Springer and Joey Springer. Oh the names! I know that my daughter will absolutely love these especially the baby Kangaroo.

Cook & Serve Set

Now I must admit when it comes to picking the best toys to help and encourage my daughter, it can sometimes be a little tricky. We have all been down the toy aisle overwhelmed by choices. My daughter tends to make a bee line for the flashiest, noisiest, most colourful toys, and in her pursuit she tends to overlook some of the classic wooden toys. Now I can't say that wooden toys have climbed their way up into the list of most wanted toys, but they have been enjoyed by many children over generations. With a little help from Hape Toys we are able to encourage a creative play with this great cook and serve set equipped with wooden pots, pans, plates and accessories, children will have everything they need to cook a delicious meal for friends or family. 

Harry Potter

We have always been big potter fans in this house, however over the summer we introduced our daughter to the wonderful wizarding world and she loves the magic and the fun. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to disappear with a flick of a cloak? Well, muggles! It's finally time to feel like a real wizard and join in the magical fun with this WOW! Stuff Invisibility Cloak. This one is just like Harry's invisibility cloak when it made its first appearance in the Philosopher's Stone when Harry received it as a Christmas present. Who remembers the first thing Harry did with the cloak? I can only imagine my daughter's excitement to finally be able to feel like a real wizard and disappear. We have also collated a few gift ideas that every Harry Potter fan needs to read. 

A Board Game with a Twist

Who doesn't love a good board game at Christmas? Our choice for a board game this year is nothing like we have ever had before, this is a board game with a twist. The Living Things: Predators and Producers Board Game uses active learning that involves lots of fun as you make your way around the board. By climbing up the producers and down the predators to try and rescue Rainforest Rob and winning cocoa beans and bananas as you go along is a great way to reinforce classroom learning. Now even though this will be a little advanced for my daughter we will be taking this board game to play with my nieces and nephews over the holidays. All of the packs on Oakabooks are curriculum based and with the colourful, fully illustrated and clearly laid out designs they are ideal for visual learners and those with Dyslexia. They include memory maps, glossaries of key words and terms, as well as Oaka Active Learning Maps or Games.

LEGO Friends Emma's Art Studio

This LEGO Friends Emma's Art Studio set is ideal for young girls. It contains over 230 pieces, including 2 mini-doll figures: Emma and Andrea, a mini cat toy figure, plus a turning potter's wheel and mini easel stand with water-reveal function. This girls LEGO set is for 6 to 12 year olds, although younger children will enjoy it with a bit of help from parents. It comes with easy to follow instructions, so even girls aged 5 years old should be able to build some parts alone. After the set is built, it will provide hours of playtime fun which is ideal for young girls who love to play with doll and animal figures. The LEGO Friends set is compatible with standard size LEGO, making it an excellent addition to any young girl’s collection.


With the release of the highly anticipated Frozen 2, of course, comes a new set of toys and merchandise for children to add to their Christmas lists. With the popularity of the sequel, it's safe to say that instead of hearing “Let It Go” on loop, you can now prep your ears to listen to “Into the Unknown” on repeat. A Frozen 2 Elsa Singing Doll will be on every girl's list! However, you can't possible have Elsa and no Anna. So this Frozen 2 Anna Singing Doll that plays a snippet of 'The Next Right Thing' ideal for little ones so they can relive all of their fave movie moments. If your little one is itching to get into your accessory collection, try gifting her one of these cute hair accessories sets. A jigsaw puzzle is the perfect way to prolong their Frozen 2 experience, helping to fuel their imaginations while honing their problem-solving skills. This is just a snippet of all the Frozen 2 toys and games that we got for our girl. If the first film craze is anything to go by we are in it for the long haul. 

 How To Train Your Dragon: Light Fury

The fantasy trilogy set in era from long ago follows the exciting adventures of the dragons and their Viking friends. We are massive How To Train Your Dragon fans and our love just keeps growing with every new release. For her birthday we got our daughter the Toothless and Hiccup figure and getting her the Lightfury with Hiccup set would definitely make her smile, as it's been something that she has asked for since her birthday in June. Lightfury has movable legs and her wings can be turned up and down. Hiccup’s arms and legs are movable and his head turns from side to side. 

Disney Princesses

There are so many Disney toys out there, it’s hard to decide what to get for your little one! You may even be buying princess toys for your child or someone else’s child. Should you buy a Belle or a Cinderella? A Tiana or an Ariel? We have a couple of Disney Princess idea for you to help make your choice a little easier. The Disney Princess Mini Toddler Gift Set is the best place to start which include 6 of your favourite Disney Princess friends! Each doll has poseable, moveable arms, legs and head. Features Rapunzel, Belle, Ariel, Cinderella, Aurora, and Merida. If you feel like getting bigger ones then the Disney Princess Petite Set is a great option as they are small enough for little hands but they can still change their outfits and brush their hair. This set includes three Petite Princess Cinderella, Belle and Ariel and cost £5! Absolute bargain -  got to love TK Maxx. As you all know my daughter loves Rapunzel and has done ever since I can remember  and has been asking for these Rapunzel figures which in previous years were hard to come by or were rather expensive.  This five pack of figures includes all your favourite characters from the Tangled: The Series including Rapunzel, Eugene and Maximus. 

 A Unicorn Journal & Washi Tape

Girls love to create and add their own special touches to pieces of paper. I know that it's not just my little girl! Over the summer she seemed to get a real passion for stationary, she's just like her mama. So we thought that a cute little journal equipped with stickers, washi tape and a notebook with a pen would be the perfect gift for my little doodler. 

It really doesn't matter what type of five year old girl you are shopping for, you can find a least one great idea in our gift guide. We have taken some of the leg work for you by scouting out the best deals to help make your Christmas shopping a little easier. Happy Shopping. 

~ Some of the products featured in this post have been kindly gifted to me, but all thoughts are my own. ~