Christmas at The Combes Household.

Happy Christmas everyone! We really hope you all had a wonderful Christmas spending quality time with family and friends filled with lots of laughter, good food and way too much fizz! We kicked off our Christmas celebration with just the three of us. We love those special mornings to ourselves so we can relish in all moments of excitement and happiness as our daughter sees all the gifts by the tree.

This year, like every year we went a little over the top with gifts, anyone else ever promise to stick to some kind of budget but never really do? Our daughter didn't ask for anything big this year and we managed to get most of the toys she asked for and she was delighted to see all her gifts. Most of her gifts were either things to do with Frozen 2, Harry Potter, How To Train a Dragon or Sylvanian Families. All were greatly appreciated.

This year my husband had a bit of a tough year so we both wanted to make him feel a little special and we got him a couple of gifts from his girls. I decided to get him a Samsung Galaxy Tablet as it's not something he has and I know that he will use it. I was also pretty chuffed as it's the first gift that I have got for him that he didn't either know about or figured out. A gift from our daughter has to be personalised as they are so much more than a gift. It can truly express what someone means to you and this year we wanted to create something that my husband will love and cherish for years to come. However, we've already done cups, prints, cushions, wallets and no end of key rings so this year we wanted to get him something that he wouldn't expect. My daughter and I created a personalised book together for my husband from Hooray Heroes and it made him cry! That's a winning gift.

So after gifts were open it was time to make our breakfast as we had my husband's Mum and Step-dad coming to ours. Breakfast was amazing as usual with my husband going all out with the croissants, cream and berries with a glass of Buck's Fizz. It was really lovely spending some time with them but they couldn't stay for Christmas lunch which was a shame. 

Our Combes Christmas lunch was sooooo good, we had Turkey with all the trimmings minus the pigs in blankets! WE FORGOT THE PIG IN BLANKETS! We didn't realise until we had dished up but it was still delicious. We did have a Bacon, Brie with Cranberry on Ciabatta for a starter and a deconstructed one on a slice of toast for the little lady because she hates her food mixed. 

After lunch it was time for a sleep! It's like Christmas day law isn't it to have an after dinner snoooooze. Then we needed a quick shower to freshen up as we headed to my Mum and Dad's house to see my brother and sister and their families, we absolutely love this madhouse at Christmas time. We then had a couple of nibbles, drinks and play a few board games. It was such a wonderful day full of lots of fun and laughter but wayyyy too much food. Happy Christmas!!!!