Chocolate Lovers? Have You Tried The Chocolate Emoji® Maker?

Children love to get messy don't they? I know that my daughter loves any opportunity to get into the kitchen creating a little mess as she goes. With a little help from Zimpli Kids we were able to use a little creative flare and get really messy in the kitchen by creating some of our very own Chocolate Emoji® Bars. 

The Chocolate Emoji® Maker is a creative chocolate toy that lets you design and create your own chocolate emoji bars. Who wouldn't want to make some of their own chocolate bars and show them off to everyone around them? Its the perfect gift idea for any chocolate lovers designed for children (and adults) from the age four and up. I know any child will have so much fun melting, piping and eating the chocolate emoji, its such a fun way to introduce children to some kitchen fun to make their own creations.Which emoji® would you make? 

These Chocolate emoji® faces are so easy to create​ and each set has everything that you will need to create two emoji® bars . You start off your emoji faces by placing the chocolate sachets in a bowl of warm tap water, wait for the chocolate to melt, and then get arty creating your favourite emoji! Its as simple as that! The perfect gift for chocolate and emoji fans. Furthermore, it is a great way to develop children’s understanding of the world as well as to support expressive arts and design skills. 

Chocolate Emoji®️ Maker pack includes:

2 x 45g Bags of Milk Chocolate,

2 x 15g Bags of White Chocolate, 

2 x 8g Bags of Dark Chocolate

2 x Tray Moulds

Emoji®️ stencils

My daughter really enjoyed making the emoji®️ bars and of course eating the melted chocolate as she filled in her stencil. There are several emojis stencils that you can choose depending on their difficultly which I think really comes in handy. We did try and make a medium emoji with heart eyes, however we should have picked an emoji that was easier for our first go at chocolate making. Once you have decided which emoji you will make, simply cut around the dotted line and place the emoji on the bottom of the plastic mould provided in the box. Like most five year old they love to move, so to try and avoid a crazy looking emoji chocolate bar tape the stencil into place.

Using warm tap water add some water to a bowl and pop the chocolate sachets into the bowl; milk chocolate, white chocolate and a dark chocolate sachet. Wait four to five minutes so the chocolate can melt, squish the sachet a little to make sure that there are no lumps. Snip a small hole into one of the corners of the sachets, squeeze out all the air and get designing. We did find that by folding the sachets in half made it easier to keep within the lines and create a smoother emoji.

Start off your emoji with dark chocolate and fill in all the darker spaces on your emoji stencil. Then remove the white chocolate sachet from the water, snip a small hole and then fill in all the white spaces. Taking the last sachet of milk chocolate out of the water, snip a medium size hole to fill in the boarder around the stencil and then pour the remaining chocolate on top of your emoji masterpiece. Once you have covered your emoji in chocolate allow to fully set in the fridge for 20 minutes and enjoy. 

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