Autumn Leaf Hand Prints

It's half term for us at the moment and we have been busy little people, I'm actually amazed at how many activities we have crammed into our week already. But due to the rain most of those activities have been inside, so when the sun decided to make an appearance we decided to take advantage and go on an autumn scavenger hunt. We found so many wild and wonderful autumn treasures, but our autumn scavenger hunt excitement was soon met with the rain so we made our way home. After warming up with some hot chocolates and a snack or two it was time for an afternoon full of autumn crafts and these autumn leaf hand prints. 

Children love any chance to get messy, don't they? I know my little lady lady loves any opportunity to get her apron on and get her hands messy when craft box comes out. That's why I love these autumn leaf hand prints because they are a great excuse to unleash a little creativity, take in all the beauty of autumn whilst getting a little keepsake at the end. As long as you have wet wipes at the ready you will have lots of fun. 

For these autumn leaf hand prints you will need:

A4 white card or paper
Yellow, orange, red and brown poster paint
Assortment of paintbrushes
A black or brown felt tip pen.

1. Simply start off by squirting each colour around a paper plate or into separate pots if you prefer. 

2. For the lead paint your child's hand yellow, this is a great opportunity to encourage your child to take the lead and improve on their fine motor skills. Depending on their age you may have to be watch them in case they want to lick their hands or drip the paint onto the floor. 

3. One they have a yellow hand using different paint brushes for each colour; orange, red and brown paint dot the colours all over their hands. Just keep in mind to coat the hand in a thin layer of paint to get the best results for the leaf if not you have just have a blob of paint on your paper or card. 

4. When you have the desired colour for your lead simply take their hands to the paper and press down and make sure all of their hand makes contact with the paper and then gently peel away. 

5. Set aside to dry for 10-15 minutes and the take the brown or black felt tip one and draw some veins onto the hand print. You can be as creative with the colours as you want and add in some greens or more browns. 

We both enjoyed our afternoon making these cute autumn leaf hand prints, even if we did get a little messy. It's a great craft to do over half term and they also make the perfect little keepsake for family and friends. We have a scrap book full of all our daughter's creative flare so we shall pop some of these in there too. Will you try and make your own autumn leaf hand prints?


  1. I love the look of this arts and craft project. It's ideal for this time of year and certainly something my son would love!!!

  2. It's great to see this is still done! I remember doing this sort of thing at first school MANY moons ago!

  3. Erin loves to get creative. I think she'd really like doing this.

  4. These look great! We love doing Autumn crafts.

  5. Aw I love this. What a cute craft and a fab excuse to go out for a walk too xx

  6. Oh these are so cute. I used to love doing things like this when Luke was younger, it makes me feel that now Oscar's growing up a bit we could start to do them again! I really love this.

  7. Such a cute idea. We normally do lead rubbing but think this could be a winner