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Stems Flexible 3D Maker Toy

With so many children having so much access to screens and devices these days, it's becoming more important for children to step away from gadgets and be introduced to STEM toys as an alternative. STEMS toys are basically any toy that teaches science, technology, engineering or mathematics. Many parents and teachers like to use STEM toys to reinforce important learning skills in a fun way. When children are having fun, they usually don’t even realise they are learning.

Playing with STEM toys from a young age allows children to be creative and develop problem solving skills. There's nothing more fulfilling than seeing a child figuring out different ways and approaches to various situations in life. Most importantly STEM toys can encourage children to explore their own skills and develop their passion through play. My daughter will be turning five this month and it's time to introduce more STEM toys to help her learning, development and watch her flourish. My daughter has already told me she dreams of becoming an engineer like her dad.

So with that in mind, we have been looking at all the different types of toys that we can help encourage our daughter in STEM play and we came across this intriguing construction toy from Learning Resources. The Stems Flexible 3D Maker Toy really does provide an endless range of possibilities when it comes to making some weird and wonderful pieces, children or adults can really unleash their creative imaginations. 

These brightly coloured Stems are available in tubs of 20 or 60. We received the tub of 20 which provided my daughter and husband lots of opportunities to get creative and make some wild and wonderful creations. Each piece is the same shape and made from a strong and flexible material that makes them easy to twist and clip together. We have made a wide variety of shapes including a ball, a frog and a princess crown. 

As with all toys from Learning Resources these are high quality and very robust, any play with these Stems 3D Toy Maker will sure to keep those occupied for hours on end whether they are five or twenty five. Everyone in our household loves these stems pieces and they comes in a range of colours that will appeal to anyone. If you're feeling especially creative and want make some weird and wild creations then go and see what else you can make

Are you ready to join the STEM play craze?

Why not enter our giveaway for a chance to win a set of your own Stems Flexible 3D Toy Maker.

The winner will receive a tub of 20 Stems that come in a variety of colours so you can be as creative as you can. So why not unleash a little Stem Play? To enter all you need to do is click the link and follow the instructions. Good luck. 

10 comments on "Stems Flexible 3D Maker Toy"
  1. STEM toys are brilliant and I love this Stems Flexible 3D Maker Toy kit: not only is it perfect for fine motor skills, but it also looks really fun!

  2. Aww yess I love this. My kids school do a stem week every year where the whole school focusses on this topic for a whole week. Especially important for girls to understand that these jobs are available to them too.

  3. These look really interesting, my kids are always building stuff, they will literally use anything.

    I think they’d love these x

  4. My kids are that little bit older now but I can totally see the benefits in these. I work in a school and these would be great for wet day play!

  5. These looks great. They remind me of meccano I had growing up as a kid!

  6. These look like they'd keep young people off screens for a while - I hope they might be looking at changing to plastic free packaging though.

  7. These type of toys create hours of entertainment. I love toys like this that really get them thinking!

  8. I love these types of toys, the possibilities are endless. In fact I am going to order some more as my son just loves them and spends hours with stuff like this x

  9. I love the look of these. A great way for kids to play and learn and experiment with too xx


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