Chilli and Tomato Basa Fillet

So this is my own little recipe that I put together, so if you fancy spicing up your fish then you should really try this one. A healthy dish full of colour, flavour and sunshine. Fish or seafood is the type of food that is by far from boring, you can cook fish in some many different ways and add what ever flavours that you want. This is a versatile dish. Fish cooked in a fresh coriander, chilli flakes and tomatoes is such a great combination to help enhance the delicate natural taste of the basa fillets. 

To make these chilli and tomato basa fillets you will need:

2 basa fillets, frozen
1 tsp of chilli flakes
5 cherry tomatoes
1 tbsp lime juice
2 tbsp of corinader
2 tsp of olive oil (4 syns)
Salt and pepper to taste

To make the delicious marinade add the chilli flakes, cherry tomatoes, lime juice, fresh corinader, olive oil to a mini food processor and blitz a couple of times, then add salt and pepper to taste and give it another blitz to combine. You can keep this marinade chunky if you like and add all ingredients apart from the basa fillets into the food processor and pulse a couple of times. However. because of our daughter we prefer a smoother marindade. 

Place the basa fillets in a dish and spoon over the marinade, for extra flavour you could turn over the fillets and marinade on the other side too. Then place the basa fillets into the fridge for an hour. Once you having finished the marinading process, loosely wrap the fillets into tin foil and cook for 20 minutes at 180℃/Gas Mark 5. Unwrap the tin foil and pop back into the oven for another ten minutes so the topping goes nice and crisp. 

After those ten minutes it is time to plate up and enjoy. Now this fish dish is such a versatile food and can have any pairing you wish. We like to add a leafy green salad and a savoury rice but you could have it anyway you want. Something that you could try is adding this marinade to a chicken break or pork mince for some tasty burgers.


  1. Oh wow this looks delicious. I love fish and this looks sooo tasty! Thank you!

  2. I’m not really a fan of fish but this looks really nice.

    Time to broaden my horizons I think.

    Great recipe 😊

  3. I simply love any kind of fish and this recipe looks so delicious. I am going to try it soon.

  4. Wow, so delicious and easy recipe to make for the kids. I am sure my kids will love it like and will make their favorite.

  5. I have bought basa before and I think it is lovely. This sounds delicious to me.

  6. This looks delicious and a great dish for summer I think.

  7. This sounds yummy but sadly no one else in my family likes fish except salmon, so I don't really get to experiment much with fish dishes.

  8. We always have fish for supper on Mondays. This looks like a lovely recipe and one I'll definitely give a go.