Unleash Their Imagination with Zimpli Kids

Just like that half term is over. I’m sitting here thinking about our adventures over half term and I’m a little sad it’s come to an end so quickly. We’ve had an amazing half term. We played with friends, went to the fair, had way too many sweet treats, went to Farmer Freds, baked a cake for Nanny. Not forgetting our little adventure to the beach where we walked along the beach, collected shells, threw stones and ate lots of ice cream. We even managed to squeeze an appointment at the doctors for her poorly toe, which is on the mend. But despite that, it’s been a great week and we can’t wait until the next holiday! There is nothing more exciting that giving your child something to help unleash their imagination and that's exactly what we did with a little help from Zimpli Kids.

We were kindly send over a Gelli Baff Slime Baff and SnoBall Play bundle and of course we had one little girl who was more than happy to join in and get messy. In our fun bundle we got Gelli Baff in Lagoon Blue, Glitter Slime Baff in Glittery Purple and some SnoBall Play. If you want to win yourself a bundle of Gelli and Slime Baff goodies then please go and enter our Gelli Baff Giveaway over on our Facebook page. Don't forget to tag others to increase your chances of winning.

Children absolutely love getting messy don't they? I am sure that I am not alone in saying that we don't always have the resources or the space to make that happen on a regular basis. Who likes the clean up anyway? It is an absolute nightmare especially when the little ones try to 'help'. So this week we have been unleashing our imagination with some half term fun and getting messy. However, we have tried to keep the mess to a bare minimum and confine our messy play to the garden, well the sun is shining and she loves getting in the garden so why not.

Our children learn through play, especially unstructured and exploratory play. In other words, they learn best when they get messy! There are many opportunities during messy play and sensory play for your child to build their fine motor skills. This is done through mixing, pouring, shaking, squirting and even measuring water or other runny messes. But messy play is explorative and creative play. It’s when they don’t need to worry about finishing a project, so are able to express their creativity however they like. This is exactly why we loved playing with lots of goo over half term. There is just something so exciting and magical when it comes to unleashing a little imagination with messy play isn't there? So let me tell you a little more about our creative play.

Gelli Baff in Blue Lagoon

The Gelli Baff powder is so easy to make up and it changes the water instantly. It was a squishy, jelly consistently and my daughter loves feeling it through her fingers. I must admit, I really like playing with this and it look really pretty with it's crystallised appearance. We made up our Gelli Baff in a bowl in the garden as it was such a beautiful day.

We decided to invite some dinosaurs to our slime pool party and had a fun time. I really love listening to my daughter's imagination and the scenarios she creates in her head. However not only that we also made some time for some learning with our our gooey slime such a counting, colours and Dinosaur names. I, however wouldn't be able to tell you too much about the Dinosaur names, but they sounded right.  I really liked that the Gelli Baff doesn't have a scent and the colour is a vibrant blue, that with the crystalised effect was really pretty. The Baff products are non-staining and come in a pink, red, and green. They are completely safe on the skin as my daughter has sensitive skin we have to be careful.

Slime Baff in Glittery Purple. 

Slime Baff is a powder that turns bath water into gooey slime. Sprinkle the powder over the bath water and watch as the water magically turns into gooey slime. The set up is fairly straight forward you just add the powder to water in accordance with the instructions on the packet. However for us it wasn’t so straightforward and more a case of trial and error trying to get the consistency just right, as I was finding the gooey slime a little too runny to begin with. But we got there in the end. 

My daughter loved the gooey slime and I must admit so did I. It was so smooth, stretchy and very slippery. It was so fun to play with the slime on it’s own but we found using other toys like with the Gelli Baff into the mix was such a really great idea. We decided to use farm animals for some creative play. We did end up tipping the bowl of slime into the bath so she could explore so much. Glitter Gelli Slime gives children a fun bath time, does not block drains and is kind on skin. Before trying the slime I was very worried about how it would be with her sensitive skin. I also liked that this it didn’t have a scent and once you got the hang of the ratio made it such much fun to play with, my daughter called the glittery purple slime 'Rapunzel's Slime'. Somehow everything goes back to Rapunzel!

SnoBall Play

Snowball fights are always a lot of fun but the downside is that you get freezing cold and your gloves get soaked through. It's been a beautiful half term and the sun has been shining, so what better way to get into the garden that with a snowball fight, right? Sounds so strange though doesn't it? But with these SnoBall Play you can bring some winter fun to those sunny days. The Snoballs are 100% bio-degradable, stain free and are non-irritant. So playtime is safe and fun! The Snoball Play Pack includes four 40g bags of powder that when added to water turn into a realistic looking, mouldable snow-like substance. You get 30 snowballs altogether for some snowballing fun. Afterwards you can collect up the snow and put into the bin or just leave it to degrade naturally and wash away.

With RRPs starting at just £2.99, these products can be enjoyed just as much outside as they can inside! There’s also no need to worry about staining skin, carpets, clothes or garden furniture, as all of these products are stain free! So what's not to love? These are fantastic for sensory play and perfect if you have children who love getting messy. All in all, these creative sets are really fun that your little ones will definitely enjoy.


I’m in a giving mood and I’ve teamed up with the lovely Zimpli Kids to give a lucky winner a chance to win some Gelli Baff goodies.

One lucky winner will receive:

- Gelli Baff (Blue Lagoon) 
- Glitter Slime Baff (Glittery Purple)
- SnoBall Play

To enter:

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ENDS on Wednesday 6th March! Winners will be announced on 7th March.



We were kindly gifted a bundle from Zimpli Kids for the purpose of this review. But as always my words and images are my own.


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