Do's & Don'ts of Buying Tyres for your Vehicle

Many people without experience of car maintenance don't know what to do when it comes to choosing tyres. Certainly, you should avoid part-worn tyres. Although perfectly legal, you never know how long they will last before the tread wears down so they work out as a false economy. Another 'don't' is to buy incompatible tyres. This is easily done if you go to a tyre dealer who is pushing certain brands rather than ones which are designed for your model of car. What you should do is always go to a reputable tyre fitter and seller so you know you are buying a good product which will be fitted expertly. Whether you opt for budget tyres or premium ones, fitting them properly will help to make them last longer. 

Although there are lots of different tyres you could choose for the major car brands, it is best to look for ones that are optimised for the particular model you drive. Car makers often recommend certain brands for better performance even though you could choose others if you wanted. 

Tyres for Fiats 

In the past, many Fiat dealers in the UK have tended to supply new Fiat models like the Doblo and the Punto with either Bridgestone or Continental tyres. The majority of Pandas came with the former tyre brand although some new ones also had Michelins fitted. A good number of Fiat models were fitted with the mid-range Michelin Pilot Primacy tyre, for instance, with Continentals being more common on Fiat Bravos. Buy your Fiat tyres from the Point S website where all of the suitable ones are listed for you. 

Tyres for Toyotas 

Toyota has traditionally used all sorts of tyre manufacturers for its new cars. For example, the majority of Prius models came fitted with Toyo tyres when new. Maxxis tyres are also reasonably commonplace and many Toyota owners like to buy them to keep a matching set of four. The Auris, the Yaris and the Avensis also work well with Dunlop tyres, among others. All of the compatible tyres you could choose today for your Toyota can be found at Point S.