Don't Forget Dad! 5 Ways To Spend Time with Your Dad in 2019

Everyone wants a strong, healthy relationship with their dad. And as we get older and start raising our own families, we come to realise how important spending time with him is. But it’s not always easy. When it comes to things like days out and spending afternoons with mum, that seems to come much more naturally than finding something to do with dad! But don’t worry, here you’ll find some handy ideas of ways you and your dad can spend an afternoon and just enjoy each other’s company!

1// Eat

What dad doesn’t love to fill himself up with a delicious meal? And then have a second helping! And if the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, then chances are you might have a healthy appetite too! So, with that in mind why not make time for brunch? Its common for schedules to clash with work and other commitments, so catching up for a bite to eat is a lovely way to get in some much needed quality time. You could go somewhere you both like to visit or try something totally new! If you have a particular fondness of a certain cuisine, introduce your dad to it and see if you can convert him! 

2// Go For a Walk

My dad loved taking us on nature walks when we were kids, so why not recreate the magic and bring back some fond memories? If you live near a beautiful national park then head up there for the afternoon, take a picnic, a flask and try your best to make dad stick to the trail – rather than taking you on a wild walk through the unchartered wilderness…

3// Head to the Movies

If conversation is a little thin on the ground between you and dad, then don’t worry. How about a trip to the cinema? If there’s an action film he’s been wanting to see or a historical drama that is right up his street then why not suggest going together? You can discuss the film in detail afterwards and maybe treat each other to a drink in the bar before you go home. Who knows, it could become a regular thing!

4// Try a Beer Tasting Experience

If sitting in the pub with your dad and his work mates isn’t really your bag, then why not try a tasting experience at a local brewery? Your dad will love finding out about the history and the story behind local ales – he’ll have a few tales to tell his friends. And you can both take home some bottles to enjoy later!

5// Plan a Spa Day

Not just for you and mum! We often forget that dads need a chance to relax too, so why not head to the spa together for an afternoon. You can sit in the sauna, try a couple of lengths in the pool and then enjoy a massage of facial in each other’s company. There might even be Father, Daughter packages specifically tailored to you.