Baby Born Interactive Wonderland Dragon

My daughter love anything magical and mystical. I love watching her play with her toys and make up some imaginative adventure that normally include some fairies or unicorns of some sort. However something that she has really become interested in lately are Dragons, this definitely has something to do with the how to train your dragon series. So you can imagine our excitement when we saw one of these and our daughter went a little crazy.

Last year we got our daughter her first BABY Born doll from the Wonderland series and pretty much since then she takes her baby doll everywhere, so when we discovered that there was a dragon in the wonderland series we couldn't wait to complete the collection. With its cuddly purple fur, sparkling wings, long tail with shimmering spikes, big blue eyes and fiery nostrils that light up, this little dragon makes the perfect friend for your little one. The interactive wonderland dragon comes with a wand, an egg that can open to reveal a baby dragon inside. 

When you gently tap her forehead with the magic wand she makes cute dragon sounds. Tap her again and she starts walking, flaps her sparkly wings, makes dragon sounds and both her eyes and nostrils light up. The BABY Born Interactive Wonderland Dragon also comes with a dragon egg that hatches into a cute dragon baby. The small plastic dragon fits inside the egg, this then fits into a hole under the dragon's tail. It’s a great addition for my baby obsessed daughter, who likes to get miniature everything. She loves to pop it out from underneath and has become quite attached to the baby dragon.

The dragon has various touch points that make her interactive, pressing her ear makes her eyes light up and sparkle and she also makes cute little ‘dragon’noises. The wand is used to gently her forehead which makes her walk forward whilst making noises and flapping her sparkly wings. The little lady loves watching the dragon walk round the room and claps as she flaps her wings.

Personally, I really think that this sweet dragon is the perfect little toy for my daughter to get lost in her imagination. I also like the fact that this toy is not loud and annoying like some of her other toys. Who thought it was a good idea to buy a microphone! The BABY Born Interactive Wonderland Dragon retails at around £54.99 so is a little on the pricey side but I think a younger child will be very impressed with the things it does. I like the fact that the quality is really good and the toy is part of the wonderland collection and will sure to keep my little girl entertained for hours.

What do you think of our new friend?

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