My Angel Gabriel

Thinking back to my own school days, I remember my parents coming into the school to help out with the festivities. My dad would be baking with all the children and my mum would be in the classrooms making crafts and doing some kind of Christmas themed cross stitch. I really enjoyed my parents coming into the classroom and getting to do these types of things together. It was something that they would always make time for whilst we were at primary school. Every year, they would look forward to the Christmas carol concerts and nativity play. The whole school and community turned out for an evening of festive entertainment. 

However things have changed slightly, it's not so easy for parents to get into the classroom these days. But it would definitely be something I would love to be able to do with my daughter. Now that she's a fully fledged school girl these types of school events are something that I'm very excited for. Last year, we were invited to a little Christmas carol show with all the children and it was hard to hold back the tears. So I wasn't too sure what to expect. 

So this year, reception and year one got together to put on the cutest little nativity show with a special twist in 'Stables Got Talent'. This year my daughter was asked to play the part of Angel Gabriel and she even had a speaking part, I was so happy for her. However, my daughter really wanted to play Mary because she gets to hold the baby, but with a little encouragement and telling her that she's the boss of all the angels she couldn't wait to play Angel Gabriel. 

Now I can't say that I am pinterest-worthy mum, so I cheated with the costume and brought one. Matalan had a festive angel fancy dress costume that was perfect for her nativity. This costume includes a white satin like puff sleeve dress, complete with gold mesh detailing and sparkly back wings. The costume is complete with an angelic halo headband. Doesn't she look so cute? 

As she was Angel Gabriel in the Nativity, she also had some lines to learn and pretty much nailed them straight away. It's actually pretty impressive. We just had to wait for the big day and as the day got closer, she did get nervous. Soon enough it was show time. I was so eager to watch my little performer on stage and she did brilliantly. As I watched her I began to envy her confidence, she was most certainly the star of the show. I know every parent says that, but she was. She said her lines and then had a singing part, half way through a teacher handed her a microphone. Wow! Even if she was loud a little tuneless, I couldn't be prouder. She sang her little heart out and their was an uproar of laughter in the audience and a few tears from me and her Dad. 

I'm a very proud mama today. Our little girl was such a little star in her first nativity as Angel Gabriel. Both my husband and I were proud of her confidence, her big smiles and she was most certainly the loudest little angel. This little lady is a star in the making, it was hard holding back the tears. So is your little one in a nativity this year? What is their part are they playing?