Guinness World Record Challenges Game

Who doesn't love a good board game at Christmas? I will always remember waking up Christmas morning to open all the gifts around the tree to discover a brand new board game. We had quite the collection at my grandparents house and I have so many fond memories sitting up the table with a glass of Cherryade, laughing and giggling with them both. Board games are such a great way to bring out your competitive side while having fun with family, it's also a good way to break the ice and encourage guests to mingle with one another. With that in mind, I wanted to share a brand new game that will definitely get the family together to unleash their competitive side. 

Are you competitive? Are you a fan of the Guinness World Records? If you are, then this game if for you. In Guinness World Record Challenges Game, you can test both your knowledge of the Guinness World Records as well as the skill of your fellow players by challenging them to physical tests. The aim of Guinness World Record Challenges is to be the first player to get to the finish line on the board having completed three challenges during your journey. 

The game comes with a board playing game, 150 question card about the Guinness World Records, 20 challenge cards - 10 are purple best time cards and 10 orange 30 seconds cards, a booklet of rules and guidelines, a notebook, ping-pong ball, 5 playing coloured counters and a dice. In the box there is also a handy list of objects that you need to use to play the game that are not included in the game. A smartphone, a bottle of water, ten pairs of socks, a deck of cards, coins, pint glasses, paper clips and teaspoons. All important objects for the challenges.

What is Guinness World Record Challenge Game

Guinness World Records Challenges has a board style set up where players take it in turns to roll a dice and work their way around the board. The game is so simple and easy to set up. Before you begin playing you will need to give the cards a quick shuffle and place the cards in the marked places on the board, you also need place a smartphone in the middle of the board displaying a timer. Then you throw the dice. Talking of the dice, this is far from your standard dice. The one used in this game is unique as it has the numbers 1 to 4 on it, but also two challenge symbols. One purple side with Best Time Challenges, and the other orange for 30 Second Challenges. If you roll a number on the dice then you simply move forward. If you roll one of the challenge symbols then you simply move to the next challenge symbol of that colour on the game board. 

The game has three different types of squares that you can land on. Question squares where you can answer a question relating to an existing record, there is no need for knowledge you can guess too! Even my four year old had a go with guesses and actually won the game. There are also challenge squares which can be one of two types; Best Time or 30 Second Challenges. You get these cards either by rolling one of the challenge symbols on the dice, or by landing on one of the challenge squares as you move around the board. Once you do either of these you can then choose between picking up a challenge card and completing it yourself, or choosing another player and challenging them. If you win the challenge then you get to keep the challenge card. The challenges in the game can vary, however that's half the fun. One challenge you could be trying to see how many socks you could put on your foot, to challenges like making a paper clip necklace. It really does vary! You need three cards to win the game. It's a game for those who like a challenge, but it's great to increase your knowledge of the Guinness World Records. 

Our Thoughts on Guinness World Record Challenge Game.

Would we recommend Guinness World Record Challenge Game? Oh yes, especially for those who love to unleash their competitive streak and want to broaden their knowledge of the Guinness World Records. I would recommend this game to friends and family who have a wicked sense of gaming fun. This game would be one game to play at Christmas with the family. Guinness World Records Challenges is published by Megableu. It is for 2 – 5 players, aged 8+. It is available to buy online here. It has a RRP of £24.99. It's definitely a game that would make the perfect gift for Christmas! 

What are your favourite games to play at Christmas? Would you try the Guinness World Record Challenges Game?