How To Decorate Your Table For Christmas

Since moving homes with my husband we have always picked a very traditional Christmas table with red, gold and green. It's a classical look and one that may tend to choose for their tables for Christmas dinner. But we thought that we needed to embrace a little change. 

Rather than settling on traditional colours of red, gold and green we decided to step outside of our comfort zone and change the Christmas colour scheme. As you know we have made changes with our Christmas decor so it seems that we need to keep within that theme. We have decided to have a more natural them with gold and cream for a more indulgent look. 

Now whilst decorating and placing the gold charger plates onto the table, it did feel a little strange at first but watching the metallic with the fresh look gives us such a Christmas feeling. Gold is so in the moment, and this colour seems to be having a major moment when it comes to Christmas decorations. So we are embracing the change ditching traditional and choosing a more simple and sleek look that I am totally in love with. Personally, for me this colour scheme is dreamy, elegant, classy and will work in any home. It captures the magic and wonder of Christmas beautifully.

First of all, our table and chairs are from Harvey's, we picked them up when we first moved into our home a couple of years ago. A small, square table with chunky good looks makes it utterly charming, and it’s also the perfect place for the whole family can get around for some turkey! When it comes to your Christmas table, start by picking a theme. If you have a defined theme or colour scheme not only will make your table look super festive, but it will add a luxury touch. However, if you are unable to decide the classic red and green add a traditional look, white and silver can add a contemporary touch to your Christmas table decor. A style that I have been seeing more and more of are rose gold and champagne style table for that extra special glitzy look. For our table we have decided that a gold and cream Christmas table is the perfect change for us, it's sleek and so sophisticated. 

We all know that the last few days before Christmas are completely crazy, so get ahead of time and lay the table on Christmas Eve. It's something that I remember doing with my Grandad when I was a child, he was very OCD with his table. It will, honestly, save you so much time. To make your table look more luxurious layer with charger plates or place mats. We have some gorgeous gold ones that we picked up at a supermarket after Christmas last year, and these go so well with our gold chargers plates too. Then add your crockery, glassware and cutlery. You don't need to spend a fortune on special Christmas china or crystal glassware to have a stylish table. We actually use champagne glasses that we used on the morning of our wedding and they have been very faithful, five years on. 

Let’s talk table decorations. It's an absolute must for such a wonderful time of year, and even though I do take quite a bit of the decorations off, it looks super pretty throughout the day. I also had so much fun decorating the table, and I’m really happy with how it all looks. For a quick and easy touch add a festive wreath which can sit on the centre of the table filled with candles. However, if you are feeling a little creative you could and try and make your own wreath with your table colours and create a unique centerpiece. 

Don't forget the place cards and napkins. Handwritten place cards are another simple addition that bring a personal touch. You could make your own personalised cards and add them to a cracker or even write each guest name on a bauble with a metallic pen and place on the dinner plate. Napkins can be as simple or elaborate as you want to make them. We have some really cute cream and gold ones that are perfect for wrapping around cutlery, laying in your lap or wiping your mush. 

No Christmas table would be complete without the crackers. To ensure the party gets off to a cracking start make sure they coordinate with your table scheme for a perfect touch. We have found some of the most luxurious ones. With a glamorous glitter finish, the intricate tree design and block colour alternative will add a magical spark to any Christmas table. 

So there we have our Christmas dining table, I am so happy with how it looks, and think it makes such a difference to the dining area. Do you have a particular style when it comes to decorating your table for Christmas?