Explore The Adventure: Thornton Hall Country Park

I can't believe it's taken me so long to actually sit down about write about our adventure to Thornton Hall Country Park, but as a work from home mum it's hard to try and cram all my work, activities and everything else sometimes. But as they say better late than never, right? As you know one of our favorite places to visit is the North Yorkshire with their beautiful waterfalls, picturesque hills that go for miles and you can even find some of the most amazing woodland walks. My family have been coming to this beautiful part of the country for years and we don't plan on stopping any time soon. We discovered Thornton Hall Farm and Country Park near Skipton on our last visit. A country farm attraction that has so many things to explore with the family you'll be sure to find something for everyone. 

On our visit to Thornton Hall Farm Country Park we discovered some great enclosures with horses, cattle and allowing us to get close to the animals and even feeding them. For us, one of the best experiences was feeding the chickens and the lambs, my daughter really enjoyed feeding the lambs as they were so gentle. She even got a chance to ride in the big caterpillar and ride a real pony, indulge in the sweetest unicorn milkshake and play on the adventure park. Not before exploring the Wizzick play barn with ride on tractors, giant slides, delve into sandpits and get lost in a straw maze. So as you can see already, it was a fun filled day full of adventures that we won't forget in a hurry. 

As we drove into Thornton Hall Country car park I couldn't believe how big it was. There were clear rows and ways to work out where you parked meaning that you could easily locate your parked care after your farm adventure. Walking to the entrance was an odd one, it wasn't clear where we needed to go and we actually walked past it, before being called back by a member of staff. Our wait wasn't long at all and we were handed our tickets, leaflets and map and we made our way into the crowd loaded with lots of feed for the animals. 

We then headed upstairs across the play barn and ventured outside for a spot of lunch with a couple of guest; THE CHICKENS. As we ate our picnics the cheeky chickens came over to try and nibble at the crumbs. My daughter was very keen to try and feed the chicken but before we even had a chance to tell her it wasn't a good idea one of them nipped her finger. Lest to say, she wasn't so quick in wanting to feed them. It was such a beautiful day that we decided to stay outside and go and discover the different animals and we saw Goats, Llamas, Sheep and even more Chickens. 

After an hour or so we headed back into the barn to see what else we could go and find. My daughter discovered the crazy caterpillar, which was the cutest little ride I have ever seen. An additional cost of £3 a ride, all the children got a good ten minute ride around the farm. Only downfall is that they didn't do a caterpillar ride for adults!!! After all the excitement of the crazy caterpillar my my daughter caught sight of the adventure playground and so we grabbed a bench and as she went sliding, climbing, and jumping we just soaked up the sun. It was the perfect afternoon. However we needed to cool down and decided to head over to the Harrison's Cafe where there was a selection of quality teas and coffees as well as freshly prepared sandwiches, hot food, cakes, breakfasts and so much more. We grabbed some coffee and a unicorn milkshakes, which were amazing. 

At Thornton Hall Country Park children also got the option to go Pony Trekking at an additional cost and having a daughter who has a slight obsession with horses and unicorns we had to go and meet the pony and go for a ride. Each child got to ride the pony around the farm for about five minute ensuring that they had the best sights when riding the pony, he was super friendly and even allowed our daughter to groom him whilst we spoke to the staff about the pony. 

Our last adventure was in the Wizzkick Playbarn. But just before we went to the barn we came across some of the most friendly lambs and we had some feed left over so we had to have one last cuddle with them. Afterwards we then headed over to the barn just as you go into the barn there is a washing station to make sure that children's hands are all clean before unleashing some major playtime. The first thing my daughter saw was a huge cow and immediately made a beeline for it, and my husband put her on the top straight away, never one to shy away from a photo opportunity. And up there you can see a big slide which is strictly for the children, so no big kid moments from me or my husband. Booo. So we distracted ourselves with their Maze and of course soon enough our daughter came and joined in with the fun. In the Wizzkick Playbarn there was a play area called Digger Den that was full of big sand pits full of diggers, as well as ride-along tractors and go-karts. They looks like so much fun and my daughter loved being pushed a long whilst waving at Mummy and Daddy. Just as you walk out of the WizzKick barn there are bales of hay with ropes where you can jump from one side to the other. It seems to be for bigger kids, but my daughter managed to get to the other with my husband, but she wasn't too keen. 

There is a full calendar of events each year for all the family including Pony World, Tractor World, Easter, Halloween, Christmas and much more! Sit back and enjoy an extra special children’s birthday party, choose from Pony or Unicorn Pony Parties, Farm Party, Woodland Explorers Party or Mini Quads Party. For older children enquire about the Quadtrex dirt track adventure for ages 6 years and over. So there is something for everyone, and not a typical day at the farm.