A Birthday Hamper for Him.

October is always a really busy month for us with birthdays, Halloween and all the pumpkin madness. And November isn't any different. It's just as busy, just as crazy and full of family birthdays, including yours truly. November has become to be known as birthday month, it's definitely a thing by the way. However, this year we have a very special birthday as my husband is turning 30! And with a birthday comes a cute birthday gift guide.

You might have landed up here to find the best gift options for your husband or boyfriend, but I think it can quite challenging getting something for the men in your life. They never know what they want! It's so frustrating. If they do want something, they end up buying it weeks before their birthday and just as you're about to unleash your inner 'how dare you?' stare you remember it's their birthday soon. So what do you think a thirty-year-old man would love for their birthday. Do you think an Xbox game, a tipple or socks? Perhaps not socks because let's face it Christmas is coming so they will be more than equipped. As it's my husband's 30th I thought that it would be a cute idea to get him a computer game and a couple of other gifts to go into a little hamper. 

The Fragrance

Now this is a gift that you can't go wrong with, so if you're looking for inspiration for a fragrance get him something that he hasn't tried before. Head over to the closest fragrance shop and enjoy a spritz or two. Both my husband and I had a rare morning together the other week and we headed into town for breakfast and we ended up in Debenhams and had a spritz off and ended smelling amazing. My husband loves Paca Rabanne or Hugo Boss but seeing as it's birthday and I wanted to fill his basket of treats I picked up this Firetrap one for less than £15 for a gift set, so I couldn't really go wrong. 

The Tipple

Well you can't really celebrate turning 30 without a tipple or two. The Summerton Club is a premium spirits subscription service. You can choose from a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly subscription where you will receive a beautifully-aged bottle of whisky, brandy or rum delivered directly to your doorstep. The perfect gift for my husband for his 30th birthday. I love that these are not ordinary bottles you will find at the supermarket, each bottle is carefully selected and that extra bit special. Some bottles aren’t even available to purchase in the UK yet and all deliveries sent out are worth more than the membership fee. The Summerton Club pride themselves in not only providing great value for money but a taste experience that any drink connoisseur will appreciate and love.

The Style

When it comes to the men in our life we have to consider their personal style. I adore this Globenfeld Super Sport Metal Men’s Watch they will most definitely stand out from the crowd and get noticed. Globenfeld have designed a Super Sport Series to improve on its overall toughness and masculine style. Featuring a 51mm case, adjustable stainless steel comfort band, and scratch resistant mineral crystal glass make it large and noticeable yet durable and comfortable without being too heavy or disruptive. Extra sports features give you the practical functions to go along with your sophisticated sense of style. You’ll look and play the part in the boardroom, on the track, and everywhere in between. Now my husband is pretty picky when it comes to his clothes. But I guess being with him over ten years you could say that I have got to know his style a little and I have found the perfect t-shirt for him that I know that he will love. This Dobell Navy Peacoat is perfect for those causal looks but can be great for a smarter look with chinos for a date night. Dobell is a great place to discover so many great brands at brilliant prices.

The Gadgets

Most men love gadgets, so this is sure to be a safe bet for sure. Nextbase, the leading provider of Dash Cams offer a great range of products that would be a great idea for any drivers in the family. Regardless of the popularity of Dash Cams as a gadget, the 112 model is affordable, effective, a great gift to buy any driver. The 112 is compact, easy to use, and records stunning 720p HD footage. It boasts a variety of features. The Four Element Sharp Lenses, made with four layers of glass, delivers clear images and the photo mode allows you to take still images for further evidence. It small and compact and can be easily stored snugly into your car. What's more, for Nextbase are offering up to 25% off all of their Dash Cams at the moment. 

The Unusual Ones

I absolutely love unusual and quirky gift ideas and I found a couple that were perfect ideas to add into my husband's birthday hamper. Box Of Favours is a gift box full of favour cards with a tongue in cheek contract to sign. The concept is simple. You give someone special a Box Of Favours when they give you back the card you fulfil the favour. Think of it as a box of I.O.U’s. The box is beautifully presented in a high quality dark blue-purple box with luxurious gold font and inside you will find The Contract, and The Favours. I really love this idea and thought it would be a cute gift to get him, my favourites are 'breakfast in bed' and 'a big cuddle'. I am left wondering which ones he will choose and what kind of ones he will add. As well as these I have added in some Personalised 'It's Prosecco O' Clock' Gummies Jar, just to tickle his taste buds. This little jar can be personalised with a name in uppercase of up to 12 characters as well as a little message below. These alcohol-free bottle gummies are soft and can be enjoyed at any time of the day, and they taste pretty good too.

So there we have it. A little birthday hamper for my husband, just to make his birthday that extra special. We are escaping for the weekend to celebrate both of our birthdays and I know that we will enjoy some time away relaxing in a hot tub and going for lots of autumn walks.  I cannot wait. So what do you think of his birthday hamper?

The post contains gifted items, but as always my words are my own.