Making Crafts Fun Without The Mess with Little Brian Paint Sticks

Children absolutely love getting messy don't they? I'm pretty sure that I'm not alone in saying that messy play is not my favourite way to keep my child occupied. If anything messy play cranks my stress levels up a notch or two. The thought of her painting my walls or dripping paint onto my brand new carpet doesn't fill me with positive vibes. We also don't really have the space or the resources to do a messy play session every week and let's be honest who really like the clean up anyway? It's an absolute nightmare when you have a certain little person willing to lend a hand, but creating more mess than when we started. But we do love to crafty and now that we are heading in towards half terms I need some fresh ideas to keep my daughter occupied without getting too messy. 

We made a sort of revelation this week, stick paints! They are seriously the best invention and every single parent needs to get their hands on some. Little Brian Paint Sticks are amazing. They are a fun, clean, simple and very convenient way to paint, and I know that pretty much every parent will want a stash in their home. Why am I late to the paint stick party? Little Brian Paint Sticks have fast become the latest must have toy for any art or craft fan, all the fun without the mess! 

We decided to spend the afternoon unleashing our creativity and get crafty. We couldn't wait to try these new paint sticks out and if I am being completely honest I think I was more excited than my daughter. But she soon became intrigued and decided to create a a masterpiece by herself. We were kindly send three different sets from Little Brian the Mini Paint Sticks, Metallic Paint Sticks, and Chalk Paints

The three different ranges of paint sticks that came through our door were so vibrant and in all the set the colours were beautifully bold, bright and perfect for creating some of the most colourful pieces of artwork. The paint sticks themselves looked almost like a glue stick where you could twist at the bottom. When using the paints they feel like oil pastels but they glide on paper so well. The paint itself has no odor and dries really fast, so much faster than conventional paints. Using a wet paint brush the colours can be spread and blended to create a watercolour effect. They also can be used for other art techniques like: stamping, overlaying, dotting and etching. There is literally no mess, no need for hand washing. As it dries so quickly there was no residue whatsoever left on clothing, on hands, the carpet or my walls, thankfully! All the fun, without the mess!!!

Mini Stick Paints

Oh I love these Mini Stick Paints, they are perfect for little hands. In this set there are 12 vibrant classic colours, but they also come in a pack of 24. My daughter loved creating lots of pretty pictures with these, even when the colour overlap they do so without smudging. For my daughter, these were her favourites out of all the sets, simply because she could hold these ones with ease as they glided over the paper. However, even though these are great for little ones I would say that the only downside to them is that the packaging is similar making it harder to distinguish between the colours. My daughter also found the caps a little fiddly and would need help taking them off and putting the back on. But we are going to get some of these for the other children in the family because they are so good for little people and there is literally no mess! What could be better. 

Metallic Stick Paints

Now I am a little magpie and adore anything that sparkles, shimmers or has glitter in and my daughter is pretty much the same. This set comes in a pack of 6 or larger packs or 12 ranging from blue, green, pink, red and silver. The sticks are much larger than the mini sticks and my daughter held these quite well, but preferred the mini sticks. I love how bright these sticks are and you can see a slight shimmer before putting the pen to paper. These are fun for both adults and children. The packaging is different to the mini sticks and my daughter was able to pick up the colour of the pen she wanted rather than taking the lids off to take a look. The only downside to these larger pens is that little ones may struggle to get to grips with them. I also think that a narrow tip would be better for these, especially if the they like to colour in pictures or write with them. 

Chalk Stick Paints

My daughter loves to get her easel out, we actually try to keep it out to help encourage her to write her letters and numbers. She loves to use her chalks and the eraser we have, but it always leaves a trail of dust behind her. However, being left with chalk is NEVER an option in this house anymore. A little while ago my daughter was left for literally a minute while I spoke to the postman and she managed to write with her chalk under the entire dining room table, and six chairs. I was amazed by her talents. But with these Little Brian Chalk Paints I don't have to worry about a trail of dust or her creating a chalk masterpiece underneath the dining room table. This set comes in a pack of 20 in an assortment of colours. They are the same size as crayons so they are perfect for little hands, better yet, they are dust free!!! The chalks are really creamy smooth ensuring that they glide over paper and chalkboards easily. You can then wipe away with a damp cloth and start again.

We have had so much fun making crafts but without the mess. These paint sticks are one of the best invention and something that every parent needs for their little ones. If you want to find out more about Little Brian Paint Sticks head over to their website here. If you want to purchase Little Brian Paint Sticks they are available on Amazon.  You need to go and grab some for yourself. Perfect for half term crafts, a gift just because or for Christmas stocking filler. 

~ This post contains a gifted items, but all words and opinion are my own ~