Is There Such A Thing as Community Spirit Anymore?

Is community spirit a notion that is long gone? If you listen to the older generations most of them say there’s no sense of community these days, and if there is is nothing like it was in their day. Somewhere along the way communities have changed, although not necessarily all in a bad way. Poverty and terrible living condition that have been some of the key characteristics have gone. It's not likely you'll come across houses without bathrooms or indoor plumbing. But in some way they are right in the sense that there’s no longer the idea of people being together by the place they live. Could there be a way that we could rediscover a community spirit?

Let’s Talk Community Spirit?

Growing up community spirit was something that I was completely aware of, if anything our local community thrived on one another. We knew the names of our neighbours and actually liked them, everyone would get involved with local activities. I would go to local groups and clubs with other children in the area and there was always some kind of fundraiser going around to help the local communities. Growing up we knew that we could pop next door to borrow a cup of sugar, or invite them over for BBQs in the summer. But then people grew up and moved away and that's when things began to change. My parents are still living in the same house and have been for the past thirty years and they have seen the community thriving to near enough non-existent. Personally and environmentally. People have forgot about being with one another, showing kindness and doing their bit for the community. 

Somewhere along the way we seemed to have lost our sense of community, but we are most definitely more aware of the impact our actions can have on the environment. When you think of social responsibility what comes to mind? For many people they instantly think about businesses, and how they must work ethically with sustainability. However, social responsibility is the job of everyone. We need to look our own ‘community spirit’ and see how this impacts our environment.

We have been working alongside Glasdon, who have even created an eBook to offer tips and advice on how we can make changes in everyday life that will have nothing but a positive effect on the environment from now and for generations to come. You can join in the conversation too by using the hashtag #MySocialSpirit. As a parent this is something that I am really keen on teaching my daughter, even the school get involved with local activities such a litter picking to help the environment, so it's only right that I teach and encourage her too. 

We have started to make small changes at home with switching lights off and making sure that all plug sockets are switched off when not in use, which is something that my daughter tends to remind me of when we are leaving the house. It's a great way to be conscious of the wastage. It is not widely known that the amount of energy used is directly connected to the environment. Saving energy has a positive impact on the environment. Simple steps like reducing waste. Whether its food, packaging or even clothing. We rarely throw away food, we will always freeze for another day. We go through our clothes on a regular basis and always take them to a charity shop and recycle our wastage. 

In terms of how to get involved, as well as looking for opportunities in your local area, there are many easy things you can do which don’t involve a huge time commitment. Why not grab a bucket and go on a litter pick outside your garden, get everyone involved. By implementing these changes, not only will you help to protect the environment, you will also save money. Other great places to strike up social connections include food banks, community centres and lunch clubs. My final suggestion is, shock horror, to get people talking. What better way to help community spirit and take on the social responsibility for our environment with simple changes. 

In collaboration with Glasdon.