What Makes a House a Home?

What makes a house a home? A simple question, but the answer is not always easy. Creating the perfect home means different things to different people, but for most of us, our surroundings are where we can truly express ourselves. You may have caught my latest post about our recent home office update? We have been making some big changes in our household and spending the last few months turning our house into a home. 

Our home office has been quite a big project for us and finally what seems like forever we finally have a lovely modern and minimalist home office. But now it's time for our next project, the living room. We have changed the colour of the walls and added in a lovely new carpet but the room is missing a little character and so our focus now is adding so décor into the room, but we are interested in making the décor more personal to make our house feel like a home. 

GreaterSkies create some of the most unique personalised star maps. That show the alignment of the stars above you at a moment in time special to you. This would be the perfect gift for those who are mesmerised by stars, space and universe that's for sure. GreaterSkies uses separate sources used by NASA to compute the alignment at any given time and from any given point. Pretty impressive! Each map shows around 7,000 – 8,000 stars, which includes the constellations that are clearly marked out.

This is really unique piece of art to have in your home and one that is sure to get people talking. As we are looking to add more personal touches to our living room I think that a personalised map of a special date to us; the day we moved in is the perfect way to add those all important finishing touches. Each and every single map is unique to the next one, but GreaterSkies has a real focus in the detail as each map is printed on high quality paper and beautiful framed. 

At the moment there are two style that are available; Night Sky and Classic which are available in a range of colours, especially apt if you're seeking a colour theme in your room. Each print will be framed in a black styrene frame which gives a superior finish and also has UV protection which makes finding the perfect spot to hang it that bit easier. We decided to get a Night Sky print for our living room because of the solid black background, combined with the myriad colours of the thousands of stars, it's such a statement. 

Our custom poster is beautifully printed on high-quality 260gsm photographic paper, with archival-quality UV-resistant inks meaning the colours will not fade over time when exposed to light. The framed poster comes in two different size 40x50cm or 50x70 cm. For our poster we decided to get a medium framed print 40x50cm and that one step further and added a personalised message. 'The sky over Norfolk on September 11th 2013' and underneath this we decided to add an extra special message 'On this day, under the stars a house became our home'. It's the perfect addition to our living room.

I must admit, when it comes to choosing your map, frame and adding messages the ordering process is so simple. You basically choose the date and time, then find the location either by typing in the name or a postcode. You get two different text boxes. One is more of a title and the other adds detail this is where you can add a special or personalised message. If you have any problem in trying to figure out what you'd like on your map the team at GreaterSkies are always more than happy to assist you, I actually had put in the wrong date and they guys at GreaterSkies changed before printing. So a big thumbs up for their outstanding service. The delivery of my map was very quick and just a few days, and the package itself is securely packaged ensuring that the framed map comes in one piece. 

The process, the map and the customer is outstanding. The map is stunning and I love how it captured one of my favourite memories! The day we made this house a home. This poster take pride of place in my living room on a feature wall and it always the topic of conversation when family and friends come into my home. It’s one of those products that make a great gift for a special occasion and it’s completely customisable so there’s something for everyone. 

**We have been kindly gifted our map from GreaterSkies but as always my words and opinions are my own. Images are subject to copyright, please seek permission before using.**

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