Dreams Really Do Come True...

Dreams really do come true, well at least it did for my little lady this weekend. My little Rapunzel met Rapunzel and it was a truly magical moment. The feeling watching your child getting so excited that they are finally able to meet their idol is indescribable. All you know is that their smile and excitement means everything. However, the magic didn't stop with Rapunzel. 

Fairytales and Legends is a fantastic event full of magic, enchantment and adventures. There is something truly magical about a child smiles and laughter and this was plentiful at the Fairytales and Legends event this weekend. From meeting their favourite character and reading their favourite stories to climbing a beanstalk, making their own unicorn horns and attending one of the most prestigious parties known in the Kingdom hosted by Sleeping Beauty. And no Fairytale or legend would be complete without a dragon, so children even had the chance to get up close to a fire breathing dragon who is truly the friendliest dragon you'll ever meet. 

Our first meet and greet was with the beautiful Rapunzel and as soon as my daughter caught a glimpse of the long haired princesses she made a beeline for a cuddle. It was such a magical moment for all of us. There's nothing quite like the true happiness and laughter of a child, at one point I did think that my daughter was going to cry because she was so happy. But there was so much to do there wasn't too much time to get emotional as just out the corner of her eye she saw Aurora, Moana and Belle. We did have to queue a little for these princesses, but it was worth the wait. They were so kind and really interested in the stories my daughter has to tell including that she will be starting big school soon and told Belle all about her favourite book. 

A quick cuddle and picture with the three princesses, as just behind us was Anna from Frozen. Our daughter was ecstatic as she loves Anna and gave her the biggest cuddles imaginable, perhaps a little tight for poor Anna though. What really stood out as a parent was the fact that every character made sure that they spoke to every single child, and not once did we feel as if we were been ushered along. Anna especially as she spoke to our daughter about starting school, about her dress and my daughter told Anna that she will wear her Anna dress for next time. They even had a little sing song together, which was such a lovely gesture. 

We all know princesses have a truly magical story to tell and so Rapunzel, Moana and Anna and Elsa had their own story times where they invited children along to read with them, with a little sing song too. As my daughter is obsessed with Rapunzel we had to go and sit with Rapunzel and read her story. Just as we came out of the tent, it started the rain but that didn't stop the fun. As it was now time to meet a dragon. And we all know that a magical fairytale or legends isn't complete without a dragon. Our daughter was excited to see the dragon however she was a little unsure about his size, even though he was the friendliest dragon you'll ever meet. So we made our way to lots of dragon and fairytale activities upstairs, and even got a green dragon glitter tattoo.

A little stop for some lunch and then it was back to meet more princesses. This time we were lucky enough to meet Cinderella, Jasmine and Snow White after a wait in the queue and they was also very friendly. Just on the other side of the princesses we caught sight of Captain America, Thor, and Spiderman, but as you can imagine they were very in demand. So we settle for a little wave to Spiderman. Close by there was fairytale hairstyling and pirate tattoos drop-in sessions available and more creative workshops for children to enjoy such as Unicorn Horns and fairytale finger puppets. 

In other parts of the town there were some workshops that you could in advance such as genie lamp moneyboxes & magic carpet bags where enchanting Arabia could come to life. A Troll headbands drop in to make your very own funky troll hair headband, there were quite a few of these troll headbands around. You could also create a miniature enchanted garden fit for a tiny magical being at the enchanted garden jars. A Knights’ armour drop in session, where you could design and wear your very own suit of armour. And an adventurers’ telescopes drop in session to make your own telescope for adventures big and small. 

Later in the afternoon there was so much going on over at Sleeping Beauty’s palace with dreamcatcher making, making your own sleeping mask, bedtime stories and more. To end a brilliant fun filled day everyone was invited to Sleeping Beauty’s disco at the Corn Exchange where Sleeping Beauty hosted a disco with her friends for a dance and sing along. The perfect ending to such a magical day, it was a day that you didn't want to miss.


  1. This is so cute I can't cope! Eloise was obsessed with Rapunzel when she was little but I'm yet to get Lily into Disney Princesses, she prefers Dinosaurs, haha! x

  2. Aw this is SO cute! Look at the love! x

  3. Oh my goodness, I think her face says it all!! She looks so so beyond excited!! I’d have loved something like this as a child! Bless her. Good mummy points for you!

  4. This is the sweetest thing ever, how adorable is she!

    Gemma Louise

  5. This is so adorable! How cute does she look!!!

  6. This is where I would have loved to have a little girl! Seeing your little lady all dressed up in her dress made me melt! She looked like she had an amazing day! xx

  7. This sounds like such an amazing event! All of these photos are so lovely too! Your little lady looks so chuffed!

  8. This is just beyond adorable! So glad they had an amazing time x x

  9. Looks like an amazing experience that any little one would love, you can't beat a bit of magic with fairytales and legends. Your little girl looks so happy, the photos are really cute.