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It's The End of An Era, But The Beginning of Something Amazing.

Oh it's happening! Tomorrow is not a day that I have been really looking forward to and it is one that has arrived much sooner than I realised! My lady has an inset day at school tomorrow and I am sad! I know most of you are thinking, jeez girl get over it! Your kid is off to school, big deal. But it is a big deal for me and if I am completely honest I am emotional. It only feels like yesterday that my little lady was off to the big wide world of nursery and I remember thinking, will she make friends? What happens if she hurts herself? Will they know the fairy dust song? No of course they won't maybe I should tell them! Will she cope without me for three hours? But she adapted to nursery life like a duck to water and I somehow felt as if I was getting a life back, well for three hours or so anyway. My little girl has become her own little person, independent, courageous and so kind. I am so proud of the person she is becoming. 

My little lady has a few weeks of nursery left, then it's the summer holidays and she will be off to  BIG school. Tomorrow we are visiting her brand new classroom and meeting her teacher and I can hardly keep my emotions in check, actually I'm feeling rather crap about it all. Today I sat there watching her eat her sandwich listening to her tell me that she can't wait to take her lunch box to school and eat with all her friends. And she said don't worry mummy I will be fine and you'll see me at three. What an absolute treasure she is. I guess I am terrible at hiding my true feelings, they do come and go though. At times I feel so happy for her that she's growing up and then I feel sad as she's not longer a baby, she's a fully fledged little girl. But I don't want her feeling angst about the whole new chapter in her life, so I am going to hold back the tears, and hold it all in for her. Well until she is out of sight anyway.

I know my girl is ready for this next milestone, she is so ready for a challenge she needs new learning experiences and I have to say in the midst of all the feelings of sadness and angst for the next step I am happy for her. But when I sit there and looking at her beautiful blue eyes all I see is that 6lb 7oz baby who would give me some of the most adorbale smiles, make the cutest sounds when eating and give cuddles by the dozen. It doesn't seem quite fair that these four years have passed by so quickly!

It's goodbye to the lazy mornings and those perfect afternoon trips to the park, baking up a storm in the kitchen or settling down to watch Rapunzel for the umpteenth time. And now we will have a strict school routine, early mornings, homework and can't do things on a whim. School comes first. I can't help but feel a little sad. In that, it feels like it's the end of something special, but at the same time I am looking forward to all the new exciting things that we will be able to talk about. It's an end of time that just us. In a few weeks I will eagerly wait for her at the school gates wanting to know every detail of her day. Seeing her beautiful excited face as we try and look for one another in the gaggle of parents and other excited children. I can't wait to see the creative things she will make. As I let go of her, I'll wipe those tears away as my heart will feel heavy like it has never done before. I will know that things will never be the same, I will now have to share my daughter with others. But I have every faith in my daughter and I will be with her every step of the way as she continues to change and develop into the wonderful little person. I hope that school is everything that she wants and more, and that she shines bright like all the stars in the sky. 

24 comments on "It's The End of An Era, But The Beginning of Something Amazing. "
  1. Oh kelly-anne I can completely understand how your feeling. These milestones in their lives come rpund so quickly. I remember only not too long ago doing the same with my two and now William has started comp and ruby has moved into year 6. As muvh as i try to enjoy every single moment and slow down life it really doesn't seem to get any slower. Xx I really hope shes happy at her new school. Xx

    1. Ah thank you Caroline, it's been touch so far and I am dreading the last day of the holidays.

  2. The first morning of every school holidays, our lot ask for a lazy pj day! I love it! Our number 3 starts in September....but she doesn't seem old enough!

    1. It's crazy how quickly they grow. She is excited.

  3. Ah no wonder you’re emotional m! I would be!! She’ll be absolutely fine but it’s normal to have tears!

  4. these little people who we build and grow suddenly becoming so independent and grown up really makes me sad, i wish these tiny people would stay small forever! i hope she has a smashing time when she starts big school x

  5. Oh bless you! This is so lovely, she'll have lots of fun though! x

  6. Oh lovely no one is thinking get over it girl. At some point we will all feel like this. I felt the exact same when Reuben had his sessions and he let go of my hand and asked if I was leaving before running off to play. It is normal to feel like this, it's a massive milestone and you won't be alone in your feelings at the start of term!

    1. Oh that has made me feel a little better, thank you Jo. It's a big milestone for us.

  7. Oh bless her and bless you!! The photos in this post are so sweet! I bet it will be Tyler's turn before I know it, eek! x

  8. I will cry my eyes out when Ru starts school - and nursery! Where does it go!

    Gemma Louise

    1. I know, it's only feels a moment ago we were weaning

  9. Ah it is natural to feel that way, but I am sure she will be fine.

  10. This is beautiful! I can't believe she's starting school already!! It's so bittersweet isn't it? I miss those days before school too, but it's amazing how quickly you get into a routine. My little boy is already at the end of reception and I just can't believe it! It's amazing to see how much he's progressed though - he was ready. She'll love it! And the school holidays always come around fast! xx

  11. Time goes so quickly! I'm dreading it for when Elsa starts, I will be a mess x

  12. Oh lovely, I feel you. Noah had his last week too - I hope it went well.


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