Getting Your Home Ready for the Summer

As we wave ‘bye-bye’ to winter and the cold weather, we’re finally starting to see some sun! It’s drawn thoughts towards how the house will be looking when the BBQs and summer parties begin. If you need to spruce up your home for summer, try these tips for both the inside and outside. 


If the weather’s kind to us this summer (which it probably won’t be, let’s be honest, but there’s always hope!), then the outside is where you’ll be spending most of your time. Get the outside of your home in top shape, and make the best first impression possible to your guests. There’s quick fixes and more long-term thinking solutions – pick whichever works best for you. 

Clear the paths and patios

Often the first thing people will see when coming to visit you. If the path to your front door is covered in garden debris, it won’t make a very good first impression. Make sure to clear up anything obstructing the paths, and use appropriate washing methods to get it back to its former glory. Jet washing works great on flag stones to give then a new lease of life!

Buff up your front door

If your front door’s taken a battering during the winter months, you could find paint flaking and metal rusting. Make sure you take care in giving your front door a little TLC before inviting guests round. You can easily touch up the paint and, if needed, buy a new knocker or door handle. If the damage isn’t too bad, shining the door handles will work just as well. 

Clean your windows

Streaky and neglected windows are common sufferers towards the end of winter. As the sun begins to shine, those grubby marks will begin to show – and not only from the outside. Inside, you can instantly see dirty marks once the sun begins to shine through. Take some time to go around your house and clean both sides of your windows to get them gleaming for summer.

Re-plant flower beds

As we slowly transition into spring and summer, many of us will be getting the trowel and trimmers out to tend to our gardens. This is the perfect opportunity to re-plant any flowers that have died during the poor weather. Adding flora to your garden make it seem brighter and more colourful – not to mention they are important for local wildlife and insects such as bees. 

Fix the grass

If you’re planning on being the BBQ host a couple of times this summer, you need to make sure your grass is in top shape. Remove any dead leaves and sticks, and get rid of any obviously dead grass. From there, head to your local garden centre to get some grass seeds. Plant where the patches are, and within a month or so you should have a thicker lawn – just in time for the summer parties to start! 

Clear your gutters

Gutters are easily blocked with leaves and tree debris. Although it may seem small, they can make a big difference when you want to improve your home’s overall look for the summer. Clear the gutters around your home, and be on the look-out for any potential damages that may need fixing. After all, just because it’s the summer, doesn’t mean the rain is going to stop!


Ah, the indoors. Here in the UK we like to spend most of our summers inside; often through no choice of our own! Preparing the indoors for summer is just as important as the outdoors. You want it to feel light, airy and welcoming. Here’s how you can do just that!

Incorporate nature

If we can’t go outside, we’ll bring the outside in! Mixing your home’s décor with natural elements is a great way of creating a contemporary and summery feeling throughout the house. Small house plants and flowers will help to make the air feel cleaner and will incorporate splashes of colour, whilst an indoor water feature will help with relaxation. 

Use brighter colours

Neutral colours and heavy blankets have been massively in-trend over the past few months. As summer comes around, however, you want your home to feel much lighter and more playful. Happy prints and warm colours should help to spruce up your living room; throw pillows are perfect for injecting new life without being too overpowering with new colours. 


Warmer weather naturally lends itself to a more contemporary and minimalistic style of interior design. Tidy away anything that makes your home look untidy, and try to purge anything that you don’t need. Getting rid of the clutter that accumulates around your home will help to open up the space and make it feel airier. 

Clean your floors

Your floors make a big impression in your home, whether it’s to you or visitors. Carpets should be cleaned and left feeling soft and fresh. If you’ve got hard floors such as wooden or laminate flooring, this is much easier. A good sweep and slightly damp mop will leave it looking sparkling!

What other tips have you got for getting your home summer ready?


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