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A Few Simple Home Decor Touches

When it comes to making a house a home, to put it simply accessories are what gives a room some personality. They add the all essential details that let you know what the atmosphere is all about and change the way you feel when to step inside. An array of greenery throughout the home gives your home an instant botanical feel and makes you think of embracing the outdoors. Warm golds like rose gold and copper are a great way to add some color in an untraditional manner, and they work flawlessly across pretty much any style. There's absolutely no rule that says your accessories can't be an eclectic mix. You just want that room to feel inviting. From plants, flowers, ornaments, vases, art and even lighting there are so many different ways to give a room some character for new guests. 

F l o w e r s 

Let’s be honest, flowers can really make a difference in a space. I'm literally obsessed with real flowers and I think that there is nothing quite like freshly cut flowers to liven up a room and they have a lovely smell, which is so much nicer than artificial room fresheners or potpourris. Flowers for Everyone have an array of gorgeous bouquets for all occasions, so you will most certainly find something for everyone. If you haven't heard about Flowers for Everyone already then they are are a luxurious brand of florists that are family owned by 'The Primrose Family' who specialise in creating some of the most unique, hand tied arrangement making your gesture gives ultimate impact. They also provide bespoke orders, whether you are looking for a custom bouquet or a number of arrangements to thank clients and colleagues. There is something for everyone and they like to make sure that your experience with as easy as 123. In addition, the Primrose family's long association with the flower industry has resulted in strong relationships with flower growers throughout the country making sure they go direct to the farm, ensuring quality, fresh flowers on a daily basis. I’m so obsessed with flowers in my home, they add a certain feminine touch and make my house smell amazing, not forgetting they look pretty too. There’s nothing I love more than fresh flowers around my home I have got into the habit of buying freshly cut flowers every week to ensure my home seems homely and inviting. So don't forget to visit flowers for everyone

P l a n t s 

An array of greenery throughout the home gives your home an instant botanical feel and make you think of embracing the outdoors. Plants in the home has become one of the biggest design trends over the past few years. People crave bringing a bit of the outside in, from big statement furn trees to tiny succulents and even arrangements of herbs in a kitchen window sill. In your own home plants can be arranged and clustered or spread out throughout rooms. Not only do they look nice and add a pop of colour, but they also help purify the air and can make you happier. 

M e t a l l i c s 

Metallics are so on trend in home décor, one in particular is having their own moment right now and to be honest it comes as no surprise why its cropping up all over the home. Copper is beautiful and brings a fresh new twists to spaces, however rather giving a room a cold and stark feel, the copper creates a warmer aesthetic. The love of the copper hues don't just stop with home décor, lightening, or furniture. Many who love the copper trend are even seeking changes within their kitchenware, accessories and even electrical appliances too. From bold brass to cool copper, metallic shades are a great choice to give your home a shiny makeover this summer. Trendy metallic homeware accessories have had us all going a little crazy. It comes to no surprise why though. Metallics are fun because they have the ability to add warmth to a room and mix well with any colour palette. 

P r i n t s 

Sometimes the best wall decor accents come from simple tones. You can achieve great effects by using black and white, especially on a pastel backdrop wall, but it’s also an easy decorative choice, because it simply pairs with everything. For the prints for my home I knew that I wanted some prints that we soft, pretty and very feminine and of course I really love typography too. Typography is favourite decor element to many people and it’s already used in many homes in a various ways and this Oh la la print is gorgeous and I'm planning on putting this in a white wooden frame too. It's very bloggeresque.

L a m p s   &  L i g h t i n g 

Through the lighting, your home can get an entirely new look and can change the appearance of your house. Good lighting can create a welcoming atmosphere in the home, which is why I have chose to use lamps and of course no room is complete without fairy lights. By finding the adequate lighting to brighten up my home is a must and will help create the ambiance and set the mood in room. I have been scrolling through the internet for the perfect copper lighting that will help bring out the pale pinks and white flooring to give them a certain edge. Consider dimmers and lamps in rooms where you want to create a warmer, cosy feeling, and track lighting in spaces where you want the room to feel bright and open all year long. Don't be afraid to have some fun! Lampshades can be changed, and chandeliers and pendant lights can completely change the energy in a room.
10 comments on "A Few Simple Home Decor Touches"
  1. I love flowers in my house too, I'm terrible for spending a fortune on real ones every week! x

    Gemma Louise

    1. Nope, I am the same beauty! I budget for them! I can't not have any in the house

  2. I love flowers, I always buy fake ones because they last so much longer and im always so picky with what flowers i like and with the fact that some flowers you cannot have around cats, ive just gotten obsessed with cool prints, i think they really make the room look complete

    1. Oh advantages of not having a cat I guess! But I love their smell

  3. Flowers, plants and prints are a must! I have to buy more of these things though Xx

  4. I hate it when we have no flowers in the house! Which reminds me, I need to pick up a new bunch today! I love having plants dotted around too :) x

    1. Can't go wrong with a fresh bunch of posies!

  5. Yes to flowers too! I also love that they make excellent blog props!

    1. Oh yes, another brilliant reason to make a cheeky purchase every week. My favourites are peonies (blogger cliche), tulips, stocks and of course roses!


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