5 Places in the UK For a Holiday When Pregnant

Listen up, getting away is the perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy some time with your partner, family or friends before your baby arrives. All you have to do is decide where to go, and when. So today I have five perfect UK destination for those expecting, and you'll be quite surprised what's in the list.

There is no time you’re likely to need a holiday more than when you’re pregnant! Before all the sleepless nights that come with having a newborn, and before you get too pregnant to enjoy it, make sure you schedule in some time with your partner to enjoy the last few months before your lives change forever! You don’t have to go abroad to have an amazing holiday, and in fact it might reduce your stress levels a little to stay in the UK. Here are five of the best places to go on holiday when you are pregnant. 

L i v e r p o o l

Liverpool was the European Capital of Culture in 2008 and it’s easy to see why! A fun and vibrant city with some of the friendliest people you will ever meet, Liverpool is perfect for a city break. The choice of places to eat are never ending, but try to find somewhere with a good view of the Albert Docks. In terms of things to do, this city's full of it! If you like music, you have to visit the Beatles museum, the Cavern Club, Penny Land and Strawberry Field! If you’re not a Beatles fan, check out St John’s Beacon for a view across the city, the beautiful cathedrals, the Tate Gallery, or simply head to Liverpool One for some shopping! 

T h e   C o t s w o l d s 

Nothing screams luxury and relaxation like the Cotswolds! Book yourself into a spa hotel and treat yourself to a real pamper break - which is the ideal type of holiday when you’re pregnant. Enjoy a couples massage, float weightlessly in a pool (you’ll be grateful to take the weight off your bump!) and order room service - you deserve it! Once you have a baby, these types of holidays will become a thing of the past, so really indulge yourself before the time comes. Enjoy romantic walks in the beautiful Cotswolds countryside with you partner, and spend time relaxing after what is sure to have been a stressful few months. 

C o r n w a l l

There is something just so lovely about a B&B near the sea, particularly for a babymoon. Cornwall is particular romantic, with quaint natural trails, beaches and castles to explore and all the afternoon teas you can consume! Some people will want a holiday where they do nothing but relax, whereas others like to explore and have little adventures, and Cornwall can cater to both of these types of people. Just make sure you enjoy breakfast in bed at least once! 

B a t h

If you have never been to bath, now is the time! A stunning part of the country, with the main draw being the amazing Thermae Bath Spa, Britain’s only natural thermal spa. There is so much to see and do in Bath, but be sure to enjoy a relaxing boat ride down the River Avon to take the pressure off your poor swollen ankles for a while! 

E d i n b u r g h

If you are looking for interesting culture, stunning architecture and incredible food then you need to head to Edinburgh. There are a few hills in the city, such as walking up to the castle, so perhaps don’t leave this trip too late in your pregnancy when you are likely to be exhausted, but otherwise it is a fantastic, vibrant city to enjoy. If you visit around November and December, you can explore the Christmas markets which are fantastic and will leave you feeling all warm and cozy, knowing that next Christmas you'll have a little one! 

There are so many amazing places in the UK to enjoy a holiday in when you are pregnant. Whether you want a spa break, a seaside trip, a city trip or a cultural excursion, You don’t have to jump on a plane to find the perfect holiday!

Let me know in the comments where you would recommend for a pregnant holiday in the UK.