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Roco Clothing Paisley of London Scarlett Dress

As you can imagine being a mother to a little girl, you get excited about dresses from time to time. As soon as my husband and I found out that we were blessed with a little girl, we went out a brought some of the most adorable dresses for her. The first year of her life she lived in cute dresses with tights, leggings or frilly socks. But then she became a toddler and we stopped putting her in those frilly dresses with intricate detailing because let's face it toddlers like to get dirty and messy. However, my daughter seems to have found a new love for dresses over the last year or so and practically lives in them now. 

Being the girly girl she is, any opportunity to get of her pyjamas or school uniform she will always choose a dress and jeans combo, I don't get the jeans part but I guess that's all about her showing her personality, right? So when you get the opportunity to get a pretty dress in the post you have to say yes. And seeing as we have a baptism coming up it made complete sense to get all dressed up in this beautiful Paisley of London Scarlett Dress from Roco Clothing

This is not the first time that we have come across Roco Clothing, this was the company that my husband and I used for our flower girls for our wedding back in 2013, but since then I have seen Roco Clothing introduce more and more beautiful pieces to their ever growing collection. Roco Clothing is always a something I recommend to family or friends who are seeking gorgeous garments for weddings, christening or parties. However for those who are not familiar with Roco Clothing they are experts when it comes to children's formal wear retailer with over 20 years of experience. Roco Clothing have an amazing selection of clothes for children for all occasions; weddings, parties, Christenings and Communions. They also stock shoes and hair accessories. Not only that, Roco Clothing also offer free delivery in the UK.

I must admit, it was pretty hard to make a decision on a dress for my little lady as you will find some of the most amazing designs, honestly there is so much choice when it comes to choosing something for your little one. The girls dressed have been designed and created into some of the most beautiful collections I have ever seen, at the moment you can choose from the three signature collections Serenity, Timeless and Magnificence all by Paisley of London. 

Serenity by Paisley of London - 'The state of being calm, peaceful and untroubled' 

The Serenity collection is inspired by summer days, so you will most certainly fall head over heels with Paisley of London's signature pieces. Not only will you get a feel for summer with the beautiful details of flowers, butterflies and petals, but the intricate embellishments are all hand sewn by skilled needle workers who specialise in the exquisite detailing, for a beautiful feature. The Serenity collection are perfect for those girls who believe in fairy tales and love to dream the impossible. This collection is essential for a season of celebrations that will keep your young lady the belle of the ball.

Timeless by Paisley of London

Explore the extensive Timeless collection of breathtaking dresses. Even though these are timeless classics some of the pieces in the range have a modern twist to them. There are so many different styles with tulle, layers, lace, chiffon and frills not forgetting the amazing intricate detailing on them too. You can also choose styles according to the occasion from short length, to full length and even tea length to help make the decision in choosing a dress for any occasion so much easier. Timeless classics will always be a winner.

Magnificence by Paisley of London

An unforgettable occasion calls for a dress that is just as memorable, and every elegant detail of this collection is up to the task. The Magnificence collection has been designed for those magical moments and creating the dress every girl dreams of, whether you're little one is a bridesmaid, birthday girl or party princess. The intricate dealing of lace, chiffon, and layers, bodice to some signature pieces with cap sleeves, lace back and pleated skirt created for the most beautiful detailing. An absolutely joyous collection that is suitable for all formal events for every season.

Let's find out more about the outfit choice for my little lady...

Scarlett in Ivory

It was quite overwhelming going through the many designs in the beautiful collections that were available at Roco Clothing, you really are spoiled for choice. Both my daughter and myself settled on a beautiful ivory dress from the Magnificence by Paisley of London; Scarlett. This splendid ivory dress is a pretty addition to Paisley of London’s Magnificence collection. Crafted from satin, the iconic silhouette is undated with lace adornment on the bodice, with a scallop edge falling below the cute square bow waistband. Your little princess will feel like a queen with a tulle skirt that shimmers in the limelight. Perfect for any event, Scarlett is the essential staple piece for your little one.

Tulip Shoes in Ivory

Now we all know that matching accessories are an essential when it comes to a beautiful dress. But they can either make or break an outfit. Scarlett was a beautiful ivory dress with satin, lace, scallop edging completed with a beautiful square bow waistband. So we needed some footwear that is perfect addition to the ensemble. We decided to go for these beautiful Tulip ivory shoes. Perfect for any formal occasion, Paisley of London’s Tulip shoe will make your little petal the belle of the ball. The trendy T-bar combines style with comfort, so your little one can play all day. Made from hand-selected quality white satin with a coordinating bow at the front of the shoe, the simple design is guaranteed to compliment any outfit.

The Scarlett Dress is super cute and crafted from satin, the iconic silhouette is undated with lace adornment on the bodice, with a scallop edge falling below the cute square bow waistband. My little lady looks like a beautiful princess in this Scarlett dress, especially with the exquisite tulle skirt that shimmers in the limelight, and that she did. The zip fastening was the perfect closure for her and the satin tie up bow completed the dress, and the Scarlett is available in sizes 2-9 years old. My little lady loved twirling in the church and their gardens not forgetting to show everyone her pretty princess dress. Her ensemble was complete with a simple bow design detailed T-bar ivory shoe and her little trademark ponytail and bow.
16 comments on "Roco Clothing Paisley of London Scarlett Dress"
  1. Oh my word how gorgeous does your little one look 😍😍 perfect attire for summer or a lovely wedding!

  2. The dress and shoes are stunning. Would be perfect for so many spring and summer special events. Also would be great for christenings too x

  3. Aw, the dress is so pretty - and I love those little T-bars! My mum tells me that when I was a little kid my sole interest in life was pretending to be a squirrel (I don't know either!), but my daughter is obsessed with 'princess' dresses. So I'm definitely going to have to check their website out. :D #KCACOLS

  4. I absolutely adore my son but sometimes I do wish I could dress him in such beautiful clothing! Boys clothes are very limited and I absolutely love girls dresses. This one is a dream. #KCACOLS

  5. Oh my gosh how adorable is this dress!? I love it so much! x

  6. I can't get over just how adorable this dress looks on your little. I'm due my 2nd baby in June please God and if bump is a girl I'll definitely be checking out Roco Clothing for cute dresses! Thanks for sharing :) #KCACOLS

  7. Aaaahhh, that dress is beautiful, and she looks so pretty in it!

  8. This is the honestly the one thing that I looked forward to if we had a little girl.
    Your photos are gorgeous!

  9. She looks absolutely beautiful in that gorgeous dress. No wonder she wanted to show it off! I've never had my own girls to buy for, but have occasionally indulged my need to buy girly dresses by treating my nieces!

  10. A great post! What a beautiful dress and I just love the t-bar shoes! If I put my daughter in this outfit in the garden, it wouldn’t be white for very long though!

  11. She is beautiful, what lovely photos. I love the dress, I am getting married next summer and have been looking for flower girl dresses so I will have to check these out x

  12. So beautiful and totally the reason I wanna have a little girl in my life lol. Although I love dressing up my cool dude. #KCACOLS

  13. Oh wow. Her dress is absolutely beautiful! So stunning. #KCACOLS

  14. Oh my goodness she looks absolutely adorable in her dress!!! This is when I get jealous of the fact I don't have a girl. So many pretty clothes for girls that I don't gt to buy! :f #KCACOLS

  15. So cute, it's absolutely beautiful. Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time.

  16. Gosh that dress is so cute! It *almost* makes me wish I had a daughter ☺️💕x #KCACOLS


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