SEAMS Beauty Hand Saviour

Dry hands are just the worst. Even though it's technically still winter, (that sun is deceiving) hand cream isn't just for battling the colder months. It's a must have essential all year round. However when it comes to deciding which hand cream is best for you, it is often a tricky one. While some hands (like mine) may need a slathering of moisturiser to soften and protect them, there's nothing worse than being left with a greasy film on your hands. More often than not, it takes ages for the cream to work it's magic and you end up leaving greasy finger prints everywhere and anything you pick up slips through those greasy hands. And nobody wants that and so put your best palm forward and let me introduce a new hand cream that you will want to try. 

The first step to dealing with all hands from the slightly tight to the seriously dry hands is to make sure that each and every time you wash them, you chase the drying soap with a moisturiser. By doing this will help put moisture back into your hands. It is best to pick up a formula that's lightweight and will instantly absorb into the skin so that you don't have any problems about applying it so often. I have trouble with my hands throughout the year, but particularly this winter I have been having some trouble with battling the elements, and no matter what I try, nothing seems to replenishing my dry and sore hands. That was until I came across this little gem. I have found my new saviour, SEAMS Hand Cream. It’s easy to carry around. It leaves my hands feeling so moist, soft and smooth, healing and sealing any cuts or sores on my hands and nails. It does all this without feeling greasy or leaving a residue on anything you touch after application… @seamsbeauty is an absolute must have. 

SEAMS Beauty was a brand that was born from the fashion industry and especially formulated for couturiers and seamstresses to help mend, moisturise and soothe dry pin-pricked hands. As well something that heals, soothes and moisturises the cream’s been formulated to be fast absorbing and non-greasy, making easier to handle fabrics and surfaces without leaving residue behind. And now, the must have hand cream is something that seamstresses, make-up artists and models or simply anyone who wants incredibly soft and beautiful hands needs. SEAMS whole philosophy is believing that everyday beauty comes from comfort and well-being, and that skin care for your hands should be as gentle and caring like the skin on your face. Seeing as we use our hands everyday, we need to take the extra time in keeping our hands looking and feeling great, so that you can work faster and in comfort.

The main ingredients are Shea Butter, Macademia and Rosehip Oils, Vitamin E, Fragonia Oil, Garden Cress and Kertain and each one of them has a positive role to play ensuring that it's one of the hand saviours that you carry around in your handbag. It has quite a distinctive sweet and soap-like scent. My other hand creams normally have a slight fragrance to them and so this one makes a difference and the smell is unique in comparison. The texture of the cream itself comes out of the tube thick and looks as if it will take it's time to sink into the skin. But after about a minute or so, it leaves my hands feeling super smooth, nourished and hydrated. When it comes to your hands, don't forget to take extra care, just like the skin on your face. Always make time to moisturise. You could even try massaging it in thoroughly leaving them to do their thing while you watch Netflix. Keep a tube by your bed so that you can just put some on right before you sleep when you can apply the hand cream thick enough that it has time to sink in without interruption. What is your hand saviour?

~ This post contains gifted items but all opinions are my own. ~